Love like

Sunshine and rain
Brave one who
Hops onboard
Riding forward
While others gather
Receiving stores
Bailing and loading
Sundried piled high
Wheat and straw
For each living thing
In community
Out of rain
Hoping greenness
Had gone away
Save spontaneous

Meanwhile few
Content with
Love's gleanings
Slim pickings
On the fringe
Taking only
What they need
To feed or bake
Wheaten loaf
For family roast
Horse or goat
Stave off hunger
For one more day
The Gleaners by Jean-Francois Millet

Hidden theatre

Behind closed doors
Concertos applaud
Vacant space
With gazing eyes
Wondrous smiles
Shoulder shrug
Of thrilling chills
Why keep such love
Of life's liszt
Behind closed doors
When all ears could feel
This beauty
The Hedberg, Conservatorium of Music, Tasmania.

As surely as

Leaves are biding
Their time till fall
Soaking in sunshine
Cascading green wall

Clouds cover mountains
Blanketing dew
Drifting to sea
Each morning new

Human way of being
If ever any question
Is we're always feeling
All feel the same as you


If a sprout takes root
On an Island
That drifts away
Heading South
It was always there

Seeds that flew in
On the breeze
Hosted by birds
Do we blame these
Mixed leaves?

So what happens
When I wander hills
Wondering whether
This bloom or that
Warrants attention

Is all life
Worth a mention?

Love like

A homing pidgeon
Taking away
To far off places
Letting go
Watching, waiting
Every day
Hoping praying
She'll come home
When she does
Cheers of joy
The sound of
Two wings flapping
White spread feathers
Always wondering -
If she flies
In own direction
Wondering whether
She'll be alright
This night

Soft landing

Landing softly on my feet
After jumping
Off a cliff
In the dark
Claws out
Behind me

A sparrow turns
Says to me
This I do

Pecking up seed
Nature cared
To scatter
Just for me

Eyeing another
Diving so flippantly
Decided to free fall
In her slip stream

A warm blanket of air
Covers over my landing
Softly swiftly
With ease

Caught in the storm

Lured from tree house
Hiding places
Secure warm
From tiny throne

Leading loyal ones
To the next home
Caught in a storm
Taken down
As one

She is queen
Her word is won
Workers lives
Depend upon

Sudden storm
Mass extinction
Regret moving
Even mentioned

For one that brings
Our hearts attention
This day such loss
Is worth a mention
Hive with no queen, Cressy Tasmania – Image credit Paul Purton, used with permission.

Love like

A waratah
My favourite
By far
Opening fingers
Delicious red
Planted firmly
Sandy bed
No need
For nurture
Spoil or fuss
No matter how
She tempted us
Hardy yet
To rival
A rose
In her own
Stunning way