Black cockatoos a more reliable
Predictor of the weather
Heading east escaping vapour
Mountain hidden since dawn break

Abandon all attempts to exercise
Freedom to illustrate
Sparse drawing began
Brink of adolescence, identity elation

I leave the trailing line
Hanging poised quill laden
Ink heavy ready to spill
In favour of waiting

Forever a poem for you
A penned story always binding
Thoughts you can come home to
Though words need never rhyme

Fleeting beauty

I gaze upon you longingly
A picture or memory passing
Clasped under glass dome
Of my mind

When did I fall prey
To such weakness?
Surely absence is not
The only cure?

How could I grow accustomed
Such beauty before me
When suddenly takes flight
Without saying goodbye?

Such love is immortal
Each passing season
Revived new colours
Never fade in time
Papilio ulysses joesa Ulysses Swallowtail

Fly with me

Expectantly waiting for
The only sure thing
Change like four seasons
Pervades our meetings
Winter I admire from
My bedroom window
Fall each time surprised
By her kaleidescope
Summer brightest sky
I can only steal a look
Spring is waiting patient
Bursts of flower arrive
One who reflects all
By colour of her eyes
Who hides and sheds light
Elucidates memories
A time lapse ride
Thrill of it levitates
On Zephyr past rocky shore
Over seas beyond wild dreams
Where I reside forever
Come with me?

Be mine

Though perilous labour
Sucks wind out of wings
Daily we break out
Of old habits
Singing sweetly harmony
With breeze stinging
Lips and cheeks
Faint glow inspires
Smiles and images
Of edge of tomorrow
Landscapes cascading
Over cliffs
Considering how to
Sound and look best
Humming along with you
Always return home
To rest