Rare find

Nightly thoughts invade
Missed chance blooming
Once a year
Beauty and opportunity
Keeping me awake
How long till next opening?
Keeping me grounded
Expectantly waiting
Crowds gather round me
Queen of the night
Stood over me
Displaying her colours
For one glorious moment
From then on I became
More like myself
Each passing day
Image source New York Botanical Gardens Est. 1891.

Bird on the wing

Take you with me
Everywhere I go
Wherever I stay
Yet pieces of you
Will be strewn
As I speak out
A love that dared
As I shed scales
Off laden wings
Turning transparent
As we all are
Portraying colour
Residing within
Becoming again
A heart
That sings
Silent Spring by Gerry Wedd, South Australia

Love like

A massage
Smoothing over
All hard places
Flooding in
Joints and sinew
Touching pain
Bringing healing
Warm movement
Entering in
Slow moving statue
Rising up again
Brought to life
Ready for anything
Artist Margaret Stephenson, ‘Annie’s Nails, No Mermaids’ ~ City of Parramatta Art Society

Struck by lightning

Not long enough
To admire your
Kaleidescope of colour
Drifting away
On the next breath
Of wind as I exhale
Yet inspired
To have known you
In the first place
Lie in wait in case
She returns to our
First meeting place
Wondering weather
Does lightning strike
In the same place?
Random encounters
Rouse hopefulness
Capture the infinite
Beauty of a moment
Chance encounters
Of your kind
Butterfly by Katy Bhogal, City of Parramatta Art Society