Ode to the day

One clear day
When sky lids
Close half over
Weep gently

Pull on seal
Skin over
Locking in
Blood warmth

Cacophony of
Metered out
In spades

Splash of cymbals
Crash of waves
Roll of tides
Wash round headland

Where Antarctic
And Eastern
Currents meet
Across my face

Tingles up
Spine lest

Tick and slip
Shells and silk
Fronds of green
Stick to shore

Long to cover
Over me
Once more round
Mind wander

Thinking space
Underneath glassy
Mirror of sky
Face hides

Quiet applause
Of claws
Mussels galore
Conquest of sorts

Long length
Of the bay

Adventure Bay, Bruny Island lutruwita / Tasmania

Poised for posterity

Single woman cast into
The outback to attend to
Learning of young ones
Bright eyes blinking
Out the windows
To the river leading
To the open sea
Thoughts drifting
Past sand bars
Shore birds nesting
Raising young
Where ancestors raised
A barrel to the sky
For sport or feathered
Game on dinner table
Singular woman
Opens the door
To conserve a future
For the world
Where the lives of
The smallest voiceless
Are preserved

Schoolhouse c1830 Coal River Valley

To learn of love

Vast eye in the sky
Long lashes in clouds
Tells me all I learned
From love

How to sing
Sonnets day long
While silent

Gently playing
Vinyl rotating
Turn a trite saying
Into midnight devotion

How to be singular
In constant conversation
With absent lover

Find common ground
With old objects
Of affection

A face blushed
Shining for another
Telling what one
Is capable of

Existing in skin
No trading it in
A lifetime lived
In imagination

To wake with dawn
Cradle in arms
A babe of newborn

Spirit of content
Breathes within
While flotsam
Swirl, slip downstream

Whispers and gossip
Trade ways to leave
Such thoughts here
Are homeless

There body aches
No explanation
Tall tales begging
To leave again

Love well taught
Who saddles
Dark mountain


Showering rain opens
Fallen of yesterday
Buried in layers
Soaking in ready
For new openings
Rising again
A new green shoot
Fresh and bare
Sensitive to grazing
Unfurled plentiful
Placeholders populate
Hold on to precious
Earth newly nourished
To cover over through
The dawning years

In love by morning

On the turning away
Entering into void
Sideless convex slope
Taking you down
Into space

Ejecting lifeless forms
Breathless pressure
Tender organs
Enveloped in atmosphere
Another world

Return to firmness
Cheek against ground
Gasped as one
Breathing their first
Looking around

Chrystal clear light
Shines all about
Reflections eyes
Smiling down
Speaking softly

Taking my arm
Leading by hand
Counting my minutes
Since landing
Jewel bug (Choerocoris paganus) nymphs hatching