Kissing in churches

Empty bluestone vessels
Walls laden with ancient paint
A sociological observation
In contrast our lives full of whole
Bodies vibrant with first touch of spring
Blessing to exist in these times
Legitimate love
Handed down by generations
Of queer folk missing
In aisles of pews
Meeting in coffee booths
And under apple trees
Unseen walls of tapestries
Growing in knowledge
Of the extent of love
Found within and without
Needing a place to quieten
Suspend all judgement
Fall into arms of lover
All other notions
Idea lies
I'd hear lies
A gift of the person
Placed before me
The spirituality of
A healthy dose of wonderment


Watching uncertainties
Ebb and flow
As warm cool currents
Change their mind
All year round
Receiving gifts
Too generous
For what we are
Insides heavy
Protest at lack of substance
Washed up grounded
Gasping crawling
Back to shoal
Do it all again
Bury Me Standing Bagel House artwork, Hobart

Four loves

A compass rose points
My north star orbits
Moonlit white terrain
Cool far removed
Never to venture again

Rising sun drifts
Over cool clear water
Soothing aches
Casting light
Shadows refrain

Blinding sundown
Burning red
Clouds chase away
Crashing into sea

Southern cross
Guiding terra firma
Holding lost soul
Warm by earthen light
Illuminate the night
Eternal delight
Night lights of nipaluna / Hobart

Sunrise eyes

Hiding in the shadow
Golden yellow halo
Curls and waves fall
Frame her face
Fixed on me
Two sapphire gems
So blindingly bright
I take pictures
With my mind
While capturing
All the beauty
Earth and sea
In between
Rocky shore
Where still waters
Lap at oyster shells
Wings open to glide
Over river mirror
Reflections everywhere
Stories shared
Held carefully
Between clasped hands
Seaside Wrest Point, Sandy Bay, lutruwita / Tasmania

Tendrils of time

Sweeping to and fro
Pulsing on ribbons
Streamers glistening baubles
Twirling with rising tide
Teasing her threads
Of sterling silver
Softly wavering
All is quiet
Eyelids broaden
Peripheral vision
Stunning finds
Laced with regret
Submerged fields
Bottlegreen satin
Thickets thinning
With age old wisdom
Does anyone listen
When seeing nothing
Left for our children?
She paddles solo
As the echo chamber
In my head repeats deafeningly
What's down there?


Wish only upon constant
Stars in orbit
Planets seen unknown
Determined to absorb
Passing matter
Take onboard
What the universe
Discards to glow
Ever brighter

Cavernous depth explored
Abounds with lights
In darkness
Eyes and luminous
Minibeasts in their

Galaxies above and beneath
Still in between
One captures our attention
Immersed in lands
So small one could
Be forgiven for
Passing by without
A second glance
Such as her
Gently weathered words
Eloquently fashioned

If you find this one
Whose wild eyed look
Enhances depth perception
Do not keep hold of her
Let her roam at will
Follow the trail
Of stardust left
In each footstep
So you may live
A life long imagined