Kissing in churches

Empty bluestone vessels
Walls laden with ancient paint
A sociological observation
In contrast our lives full of whole
Bodies vibrant with first touch of spring
Blessing to exist in these times
Legitimate love
Handed down by generations
Of queer folk missing
In aisles of pews
Meeting in coffee booths
And under apple trees
Unseen walls of tapestries
Growing in knowledge
Of the extent of love
Found within and without
Needing a place to quieten
Suspend all judgement
Fall into arms of lover
All other notions
Idea lies
I'd hear lies
A gift of the person
Placed before me
The spirituality of
A healthy dose of wonderment


Watching uncertainties
Ebb and flow
As warm cool currents
Change their mind
All year round
Receiving gifts
Too generous
For what we are
Insides heavy
Protest at lack of substance
Washed up grounded
Gasping crawling
Back to shoal
Do it all again
Bury Me Standing Bagel House artwork, Hobart


Centrepiece draws all attention
Table decoration licks
Falling drops of candle wax
Flicking in the breeze
Of open window
Soft whistling through teeth
Of leaf blades nestled
Together giving shelter
In tea tree and banksia
Boughs nod with agreement
Their finery would inspire
Long lasting admiration
Should their limbs
Ever capture her attention
Meanwhile a family
Of feathered miniatures
Snug handsomely
Peering from the outside
Of timber bars
Mirrored trap never fly or tap
Inside a cell
Mundane human paper sheets
Make wonderful bug feed
Nestling leaves
Full of words to please
While outside unnoticed
Every bird, bee and butterfly
Is free to dance with ease

All sorts

Allsorts of delicious
Layers of sweet ice
Tamed by salty slice
Black tooth grin
Contrasting layers
Colour and shadow

Snow bow dawns over
Frost capped peak
Missing colours
From morning light
Dark cloud absorbs

Crying windows
Barely contain
Blaring music
Femme legends
Stomach wrenching
Tattooed filigree
Black and colour
Lyric collects

Allsorts of ways
To love another
Some to admire
Crystal cut jar
Shelved for next
Holiday when maybe
One to taste

Who has heart
To tell young girl
Allsorts for looks
But never to try

From another lover

The only thing that comes
Between us is the beautiful silence
That speaks endlessly
Like eyes of many lovers
When theirs meet mine
We know more than could ever
Be told with lips
Our hearts translate
Mysterious language
Both chiming on the hour
Wound up by sightings
Kept in sync by
Pearl stringed smiling
Singing in tune
With your chorus
Dancing backstage
Ever whispering
Between lines of time
Wondering who'll bring
Flowers on final
Velvet curtain
Holding hand high
To a full house
In wonderment
A musical with no lead
To steal your soft light

Four loves

A compass rose points
My north star orbits
Moonlit white terrain
Cool far removed
Never to venture again

Rising sun drifts
Over cool clear water
Soothing aches
Casting light
Shadows refrain

Blinding sundown
Burning red
Clouds chase away
Crashing into sea

Southern cross
Guiding terra firma
Holding lost soul
Warm by earthen light
Illuminate the night
Eternal delight
Night lights of nipaluna / Hobart

Sunrise eyes

Hiding in the shadow
Golden yellow halo
Curls and waves fall
Frame her face
Fixed on me
Two sapphire gems
So blindingly bright
I take pictures
With my mind
While capturing
All the beauty
Earth and sea
In between
Rocky shore
Where still waters
Lap at oyster shells
Wings open to glide
Over river mirror
Reflections everywhere
Stories shared
Held carefully
Between clasped hands
Seaside Wrest Point, Sandy Bay, lutruwita / Tasmania


Tanned face sets off
Snowy blonde locks
Against the dappled
Sunlit lee
Under the lemon tree
She sleeps silently
The rise and fall
Of her chest
Like the whispers
Of breeze teasing
Her soft cheek
Passersby admire
Her peaceful gaze
They do not see
Tears distill
Welling over lids
Blinking pleasantly
As the sun kisses
Them away
Day will come
When one stops
Stay and taste
Sweet ripened
Slice of sunshine
Mixed with cool
Spring water creek
Drink with me