Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse

Pulling me in closely 
Like moon and tide
Always the atmosphere
Between us

Watching waves coarsing
Supposedly on their own
Nothing to do with
The bright light of the moon

Turning dark one night
Super Flower Blood Moon's
Power over me, pulling
Closer every night

Long distance drawing in
Accidents and happenstance
Near misses and stresses
How did I get here?

Land eventually
Wondering if I make it
Through to you
Never leaving

Moon and tide dance
Back and forth
Two great forces
Land on her shores?

Eternally beholden
One to another
Moon starved of water
Tide drawing closer

Sea rises to meet
Rings round mist
Kisses moon light
Returns to earth beneath

Love like

Ice cream and jelly
Vanilla and strawberry
Soothing and sweet
Giving rise to voice
In the aftermath

Thousands of times
Imagined the delight
Touching to lips
But only on occasion

Comfort food
Not only sugar hit
Telling me
You are worthy

Lashings of frosty cream
Red jellyness a dream
Given to patience
For inner healing
Like me

Beauty in remaking

Fine lines and filagree tracing
Fingers follow edges
Soft downy folds
Velvety lacing

Artful designer raises
Takes down asunder
Plundering wealth
Riches beyond dreams
Earth Woman wonder

Just as in a day
Can take a breath
Enslave it
By evening freed
In listless sigh
Of resignation
And sleep
Don't dream it, be it
Is nature's cry
As several evolutions
Of matter
Land on my thigh
Her eyes trace the outlines
Mating decorations
Imagining them away
To nothing
Come undone
For several hundred and one
Days spent between extremes
Fighting, crying, sight
Laughing, smiling, delight
No greater affirmation
More than three letters
Yes, or I do
In the still dark silence
There is none other
But you
Artists of Tasmania ~ Lucienne Rickard. Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Silent movie screen

The heart always speaks
What mind can't conceive
The eyes reveal slowly
Like a magic trick

Don't let her know
How you really feel
But there in lights
The interlude telling

All plot and storyline
Reveals a glass ceiling
Comedy or tragedy?
Bring you to tears

The girl is unknown
Unkept, barely shown
Nameless silk gown
Averted through town

Always loved or owned
Aged traded for tender

Steer ashore

Fear grips tightly
At the helm
Taking over orders
Pulling us in

Over our heads
Waves crashing
Broached to
Shoal approaching

No lives lost
Crew is down
Handing over
Dogs to morning

Rolling like a lullaby
Raised a lighthouse
First sighting

Pinnacle gives way
To coast
Welcome faces
Twirling smoke

Casting lines
Shorebound stagger
Every sight new
Intricate beauty

Island delights
Happen upon flower
Resiliently tender
Heart own power

Fear of the storm
All but gone
Only shaking hands
Wide eyed one

Never leaving
Smiles receding
As night creeps in
Farewell again

Handing over everything
Knowing no direction
Trusting wholly
In you

It’s a sign

How did she fly in
Through my window
To land on my thigh
Barely noticed

Seems strange when
Smallest sight
Feels like a sign
Unseen eye

Telling me what's ahead?
Pay attention
Obey all warmings
Flash flooding

Inevitable river edge
Fear of falling
Highly possible
On precipice

Open out your covering
Protecting you
Unfurl invisible wings
To fly

Catch my drift?
To the untrained eye
Life is random chance
Though happy coincidence
You and I


From where 
Does that voice
Of home, of love
Emanate from
For you?

Mine in the silence
Stillness of morning
Liminal spaces
In between times

Waking and falling
Daily repeat
Comfort only
Listening sweet

As waves in chorus
Between the staves
Low vocal tones

Hum of engine
Breeze on wing
Chatter of trees
Sky ocean mirroring

I have seen some
Listening for love
From afar, voices echo
From ruins and scars

But mine here and now
Alive and loud
Any less and how
Could I stand so proud?

So I sing evensong
Night and day
Short and long
To remind me and all

To listen to the voice
That proclaims you worthy
That the life you dream
To live is real

If only
Within you
Artists of Tasmania ~ Lucienne Rickard, loss of wildlife on Lord Howe Isl. Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Hidden theatre

Behind closed doors
Concertos applaud
Vacant space
With gazing eyes
Wondrous smiles
Shoulder shrug
Of thrilling chills
Why keep such love
Of life's liszt
Behind closed doors
When all ears could feel
This beauty
The Hedberg, Conservatorium of Music, Tasmania.