World went in reverse
Spun me to the curb
Colour drained face
Shrapnel launched to space

Still one came
To rearrange and stay
To draw fine lines
Where erased

Colour all my grey
Light shadows fade
Swing the reel
Make them feel

Master double take
Let's take it
From the top
Of the world

Moving pictures

Still the almond blossom
Showers the path
Trodden so confidently
Staring quietly

Wondering where
The wind will carry
Notes riding rays
Brilliant past noon

Sun and moon
Revolve around
Reminding how many
Gazed longingly

Yet still only they
Capture our looks
While we all
Drift far off

To realms unseen
Coal River, Tasmania

Home is

Place to rehearse
Main act
Final encore

Soiree of life
Captures breath
Pensive silence
Thundering away

Bring the house down
Send in the clown

Critical acclaim
Rave reviews
Rooming in
With you

Dear Sadie

Dear Sadie
Shy eyes give away
Never a day passes
Longing for a way
Cling to shiny dreams
End of the rope
Smiling through oversized glasses
Spouting pleasantries prettily
Meanwhile mind wanders
Where will I be when
My hair turns silver
Like hers?
Will I be great?
No matter
As long as the day
Shines on me
Be free

Straight curves

Straight curves
Mincing words
Boundary lines
Never behave

Building blocks
Fault lines
Run its course

Neither foothold
Nor handhold
Running blind
Hiding lee

Home is
On the other side
With me

Love is

Midsummer night's dream
Extra dollop of cream
Lounging in bars
Gazing at stars

Hearing you sing
Tossing the ring
Talking all night
Treating you right

A deep belly sigh
Riding the high
Knowing whether
to say goodbye
View of Mt Field from Ellendale, Tasmania

Wander woman

Feeling strong again
Climbing mountains
Blazing saddles
Heading back again

Trappers snowbound
Head for the hills
Luscious pelts
Grey smoke feel

Tidbits in brine
Pipe sipped
Port by the fire
Boots steaming dry

Only come in
To stay the night
Weather's feral
All right

These'll fetch
A pretty penny
In a patchwork town
Friday night

Seaside Daisy's
Walking in
Round 'bout half past ten
Never fear, she'll be here

To fill the boots
Of men
Trappers Hut, Walls of Jerusalem National Park, Tasmania

Photo by Ben Wilkinson,

Never too late

I am here
Beside you
My name
And yours

The sky is bluer
All the more
For our meeting

May I read to you?
The sun is warm
On our face
The sky of clouds
Wind is chasing

Remember harbour view?
Years gone by and still
The sea comes in
Turns tail
Retreats at will

Feel these shells?
They are lovely still
Each a story
Of little feet and fingers
Grasping at sandy treasures

Your words are well-crafted
Many summers of memories
Laying in beach houses
Stored with wielded pen

Do you remember when?
You taught me all
That comes before
My day of birth
Through your eyes only

Do you know who I am?
A discerning ear
I am not one of them
Neither family or friend

Curious, though, a love
Is this the last time, then?
Will she see me again?
Wonder when.

For all is given
One thing remains
May I hold your hand?
Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania