Admiring beauty
From afar
These empty vessels
Won't hold warmth
Nor bear handling
Forgive accidental
Fall from grace
Tiniest touch
Out of place
All seeing
Though clearly
Simmer gently
Hands clasped
In dainty laps
Licking jelly slice
From fingers
Longing gentrified
Special ones
Reserved for whom?

A volume of work

She who has kept
All the secrets
Denying any
Locked up inside
Things never said

Let me wonder
Turning over
Every leaf
Adorning answers
Oft agreed
Rarely seen

Timeless wander
Speak native tongue
Lamp burns brighter
Windows dimmer
Tides higher
Carry me
To sleep

Remember me?

Love like

Light disperses around
Casting dancing shadows
Until the sun hides
Shapes erase
Gentle budding offerings
Shower like rain
'Till leaves overtake
Newness delights no more
Still nestled by banks
Close to source
Roots go deep
Shadows grow tall
Setting not forgetting
Till tomorrow

Mind games

Shuttle forth
To and fro
Left mind right
Behind glazed eyes
Watching all the people
Stop and stare
At me

Why does she smile?
They wonder
She seems lighter
Now the rain
Falls softly
Upon her fields

Toying with the idea
Rings of colour
Present themselves
Just for me

The future moments
Sit pleasantly
Between sips of coffee
And bites of sweet
Waiting once again
For me