Tending to
Small hands
Hair flicking wide
Glinting eyes
Blinking love
Up to me
Head hovering
Under door frame
Burly gentle voice
Giant young hand
Filling holes
In roles of family

Tending always
My secret garden
Giant limbs and roots
Of memories
To swing on
In the dark hours
Back and forth

Tender to
End of work
Ache between
My bones
Echoes of words
From a whole world
Of intimate meetings
Human voice evokes
Cure for hurt

Tending all
Cut stems
New roots
Shoots and leaves
Untouched by
Frost or heat
Enclosed glasshouse
Weighted by reality
Preserved by families

Sharing spectrum
Of fondness
Love me tender
Sensitive receive
Touch of air
Words breathing
Responds anything
Secret smiles
Unspoken words
Tenderly recalling
Time together

Neon sign

Blue neon sign turns pink
Behind dark eyelids
Recalling a time when
I was blind to indifference
Rose coloured lens
Filtered all beautiful
Things said
Honed in like magnifying
Glass tipping rose
In my Hawaiian dreams
Pina colada parties
On edge of Princes Wharf
A mexican tall ship party
I gravitated to casino
Where you spin me round
Playing chance with me
Tattooed lady dance
Heart on my sleeve
Blue light revealing
Everything inside
Like a neon sign
Saying pick me
Bury Me Standing Bagel House Hobart Tasmania

Kissing in churches

Empty bluestone vessels
Walls laden with ancient paint
A sociological observation
In contrast our lives full of whole
Bodies vibrant with first touch of spring
Blessing to exist in these times
Legitimate love
Handed down by generations
Of queer folk missing
In aisles of pews
Meeting in coffee booths
And under apple trees
Unseen walls of tapestries
Growing in knowledge
Of the extent of love
Found within and without
Needing a place to quieten
Suspend all judgement
Fall into arms of lover
All other notions
Idea lies
I'd hear lies
A gift of the person
Placed before me
The spirituality of
A healthy dose of wonderment


Watching uncertainties
Ebb and flow
As warm cool currents
Change their mind
All year round
Receiving gifts
Too generous
For what we are
Insides heavy
Protest at lack of substance
Washed up grounded
Gasping crawling
Back to shoal
Do it all again
Bury Me Standing Bagel House artwork, Hobart


Centrepiece draws all attention
Table decoration licks
Falling drops of candle wax
Flicking in the breeze
Of open window
Soft whistling through teeth
Of leaf blades nestled
Together giving shelter
In tea tree and banksia
Boughs nod with agreement
Their finery would inspire
Long lasting admiration
Should their limbs
Ever capture her attention
Meanwhile a family
Of feathered miniatures
Snug handsomely
Peering from the outside
Of timber bars
Mirrored trap never fly or tap
Inside a cell
Mundane human paper sheets
Make wonderful bug feed
Nestling leaves
Full of words to please
While outside unnoticed
Every bird, bee and butterfly
Is free to dance with ease