Four loves

A compass rose points
My north star orbits
Moonlit white terrain
Cool far removed
Never to venture again

Rising sun drifts
Over cool clear water
Soothing aches
Casting light
Shadows refrain

Blinding sundown
Burning red
Clouds chase away
Crashing into sea

Southern cross
Guiding terra firma
Holding lost soul
Warm by earthen light
Illuminate the night
Eternal delight
Night lights of nipaluna / Hobart

Sunrise eyes

Hiding in the shadow
Golden yellow halo
Curls and waves fall
Frame her face
Fixed on me
Two sapphire gems
So blindingly bright
I take pictures
With my mind
While capturing
All the beauty
Earth and sea
In between
Rocky shore
Where still waters
Lap at oyster shells
Wings open to glide
Over river mirror
Reflections everywhere
Stories shared
Held carefully
Between clasped hands
Seaside Wrest Point, Sandy Bay, lutruwita / Tasmania

Love like

A fingerprint
Of lover's name
Unique new note
Not one the same

Beautiful fingers
Of one fine hand
Silent wave
Siren's command

So rare and precious
Slender and long
Ever rehearsed
Perform one song

Some sit idle
Curled content
Pondering days
Love long spent

Mine a many
Strikes a chord
Tone long missed

Orchestral works
Of mindfulness
Conducted by
Pure hand of bliss