In the harvest moon
Gathering in treasure
From earth’s bed
Storing up long winter

Sometimes applied
To endearing friends
Just as the chill
Sits heavy on mountain

Ringed peak
Like dormant volcano
Absorbing peach sunrise
As ancient desert rock

Sky tinged with frost
Reminiscent golden
Long summer days
Glinting in eye

Love’s storehouse
Slips through fingers
Like shiny coins
Offered to buy freedoms

In a time of plenty
Store and save
Simple pleasures
For long dark days

A treasure is she
Whose girth rings
Pale in comparison
Wise watching over me

Bruny Island lutruwita / Tasmania

Love like

An aviary
A warm unassuming place
Resting among
Like feathered friends
An open door
To the sky
Admired for a whole array
Of vibrant colours
Soft embrace
Hiding under
Ruffled feathers
Smoothed by momentary
Saving grace
Housekeeping covers over
Communal mess forgave
Late night banter
Turns hiding eyes
Into morning wonder
Respite from furred
Early warnings
Chorus of song
Greets early risers
Refrain unending
Oft recited
Many lifetimes
Lived long

Poised for posterity

Single woman cast into
The outback to attend to
Learning of young ones
Bright eyes blinking
Out the windows
To the river leading
To the open sea
Thoughts drifting
Past sand bars
Shore birds nesting
Raising young
Where ancestors raised
A barrel to the sky
For sport or feathered
Game on dinner table
Singular woman
Opens the door
To conserve a future
For the world
Where the lives of
The smallest voiceless
Are preserved

Schoolhouse c1830 Coal River Valley

Open door

Standing wide open
Facing me
Reflecting back
All I've been
Where I'm heading
Gazing possibility
Leading me onwards
Not locking me out
Warm air wraps
On the breeze
Little visitors
Greet at table
With hands empty
Except for a key
Walking outside
To admire
Come sit by me
Lie in wait
Staring at stars
Rising on horizon
One day align
With mine

Percussive maintenance

Piles of memories
Stored in boxes
A pond growing
All sorts of things
Refreshed by
Overflowing gutters
Four pairs of eyes
Two adult-sized
Watching me
Right myself
After king hits
Like some cheesy
80's game show
On a slippery pole
With only a pool noodle
To defend us

Wednesday is taken up
Keeping back the jungle
Before it overtakes
With long lost friends
Doing the same kind
Of anger management
With garden appliances
Keeping weeds at bay
While admiring
Their flowers
The bumblebee
Thanks us for our efforts
We find that this
Is pleasure enough

In this day
At our stage
Of life re-mended
Signs of life
Warmth and greeting
Between wounded hearts
Still beating
Tended edges show
Signs of life

Constant dripping
Engine humming
People crawl out
From hiding
Expats leaving
Reminded by
More significant
Bloodlines receiving
With love

The Lost World

Open your eyes to a new world
Where life is created
The DNA of love
For millions of lifetimes
Travel over to where
We long to see, touch
Observe extinct species
Marvel at primitive instincts
A dangerous love
Born of experimentation
Nativity of reason
Extracted from mosquito
A far fetched dream
Comes to fruition
Playing with fire
Hiding in caves
Best leave this world
To the realm
Of fantastical intentions
If tempted to return
To its arms
Just remember how
Jurassic park ended