Soft landing

Landing softly on my feet
After jumping
Off a cliff
In the dark
Claws out
Behind me

A sparrow turns
Says to me
This I do

Pecking up seed
Nature cared
To scatter
Just for me

Eyeing another
Diving so flippantly
Decided to free fall
In her slip stream

A warm blanket of air
Covers over my landing
Softly swiftly
With ease

Love like

A mirror
Can't bear to
Open my eyes
Under covers

Alter reality
Two dimensional
Altar ego responds
Completely to me
Yet every touch

Do I need to
Be like you
To like you
Like I do?
I do

Loving me
Loving you
Is it a crime to?

All the shades
Of blue reflect
To infinity
With you
River Derwent, lutruwita/ Tasmania Australia.

The Deep

Even deep disappointments cannot be drowned;

They will rise and inflate and infect and abound.

Happy are those who suffer no ill;

For all the rest, choose – sweet or bitter pill?


the deep ice

Photo credit: Chip Phillips image from an article: ‘The Explosive potential of methane frozen beneath Abraham Lake’ (Canada)