About me

Living in the southernmost region of Tasmania – a large island brimming with nature below Australia’s mainland – I seek to explore the depths of the heart and soul by examining life in minute detail and the vast concept of time eternal.

I am inspired by Emily Dickenson who also wrote for an audience of one. Not herself, but someone absent from her life. Not gone, but silent. A silent partner. Although absent from the writing process, they are sitting right next to you. They are reflecting back the words, helping sharpen their clarity and colour in their meaning, like a muse. People and nature is a source of daily inspiration, this is not an intellectual pursuit, but concerning the matters of the heart.

Poetry has a way of taking our everyday reality and expanding it to another level, into the furthest reaches of our collective imaginations. A gem that can be viewed from many facets and take on a whole new colour and meaning depending on the observer’s point of view.

The intention of the poet is not to craft a two dimensional shape, to demand all onlookers see it their way. This is not what is meant. The poet is crafting a multifaceted gem that is clear to see through it, but also reflects ourselves back, with many other sides in full view. This is what I hope for in writing poetry as a daily practice.

Printable version of Poetry and Photography from this site:
Count the Stars of Heaven (C) 2015
Thank you for being a companion on this journey.

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