About me

Living in the southernmost region of Tasmania – a large island brimming with nature below Australia’s mainland – I seek to explore the depths of the heart and soul by examining life in minute detail and the vast concept of time eternal.

Through poetry, prose and photography I focus on themes such as contentment, the intensity of people’s interactions with one another and the omniscience of the narrator.

Printable version of Poetry and Photography from this site:

Count the Stars of Heaven (C) 2015

Thank you for being a companion on this journey.

No material on this blog may be used without permission.

All rights reserved.

I am inspired by my surrounds, local artists, musicians and photographers. I am interested in the blogosphere and refining my skills in poetry, prose and photography. If you are visiting, please follow, like or comment so I can find you and read your work too.

Find my contribution to Sea Things Poetry Submission by the Red Room Company. (Eclipse, Engraved, Take Me Home)

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