Love like

An apple tree
Years taking hold
Slower than grass
Don't watch me
All on its own

Four years old
Blossoms increasing
Anxiety held
Storm and frost
Melt gentle petal
Before full grown

Five years since
First taking root
Fruit begins
Ripens in the sun
Hoping no bug
Disease or bird
Steals away

One day when strong
Full fruit display
Reddens in the sun
Twist and pull
The most delicate
Fruit spoken of
Since legends told

As a daily apple girl
It keeps me well
Delight always held
As I polish skin
On my chest and
Sink in

One year or two
There may be no fruit
If pruned too hard
Or left untended
Another year closer
To harvest end
Enjoy while we can

Coal face

Headlamp leading footsteps downward
Air thick with an Impenetrable skin
Seams of black unzipped
Precious compacted life
Of million years scarred
Set ablaze in minutes

Living beings coal face
Tends to 12 score beached
Generations breeching
Cool skin of sea
Final resting shore
Years combined between
Ages of whales reach
Thousands ever since
50 million years ago
Our meddling unseen

Sitting with cool tears
Echoing words pouring
Into my ears
Frontier human carrying
Reverberate through
My body like funeral
Rhythym yet still
My heart is beating
For the innocent
Plight of the whales
Putting all our cries
Into mere proportion
Considering the noise
Of their calls
Each to each
Upon passing
Surge waylaid
Swell or manmade?

Time lapse

Silvery white and grey
Blanket of down
Above me
Puffs of cloud
Not looming
City scurrying
Time lapse
Of tears shed
By morning
Endless spiral
Of anticipation
Elation and goodbye
Suddenly falling
Into realisation
The sky of mind
Turns gray
Shades of it
Dark yet illuminating
A serene delight
Slow moving picture
Time lapse photography
Of memories
Captured for only
A moment
Every time
You walk away

Living hope

Time to grow
Time to fade
Feelings like flowers
Let me elucidate
A green landscape
Peppered with potential
An open heart willing
To be known and loved
Scattering of seeds
Planting of breeze
Some buried by bird
Fly by or high wire
No matter the arrival
In style or shy
Perrenial or constant
Populated first
Or exotic arrival
All living thoughts
And buried hopes
Are retained in soil
Of treasured memories
Forever to promote
New growth for next
Time to grow
Time to fade
Their worth
Never erased


Love as many as you will
As long as rising sun
Guides you
Even the ocean has bounds
Its depths seem endless
Its limits rest on sand
Force of waves dance
Why wait on shore
To dive
Come on in
With me you will always
Have a hand to hold
Through riptide spin
No treasure find
Empty shells
Shine on mantle sill
Most glorious gems
Revealed between
Two smiles facing
Our tides move quickly
Back and forth
Though swell and surge
Nourishing daily
Its limits sketched
In seagrass on gentle
Slopes of sandy canvas
Moving ever closer
Going forward
Tasman Bridge, nipaluna / Hobart, lutruwita / Tasmania.

This old love

All things an old growth love will do
Give shelter from driving winds
Hail and smothering snow
Hide a sapling in the shade and force it up on show
Insubstantial frame
Prone to bend, bleed and burn
Undiscerning firestorm
One in one hundred flood
Innocent marsupials breeding
Forest elder tends young
The canopy maturing
Channeling the pure sweet rain
Into tendrils for feeding
Look up wonder and observe
Generations time laid bare
Tender skin of wood
Precious to the earth
And all our cares