Love like

Soft sand 
The place where
High tide won't reach
Just shy of ebb
Flow two-way
Discourse between
Land and sea
Both outreached
Like lovers arms
Drink each other in
Lying on her shores

Soft sand
Mounds where
Terns lay over
Tender feet walking
On eggshells
Deliberate delicate
New life born
In harsh climes

Soft sand
Free from damp and cold
Nestled in reedy banks
Hiding darting beaks
Succulents and more
Barely moving an inch
The sea slowly rises
But never touches
For fear to wash away all

Soft sand
Tender toes march in
Treasured not owned
No houses built to dwell
This place is sacred
Defended and protected
Barefoot tiptoe around
Lost coins, watches
Wallets and keys
Gravitate there with ease
Generous offerings to
The space where
Bronze bodies
Curves held form
Find ease and release
Respite for an hour
Then depart

Love that comes
And leaves
Yet always returns

Warm soft sand
Where I land
In the wintry recess
Of my mind
Until next time
Sifting fingers
Falling through
Return to dunes
Pure and refined
North Bruny Island, D’entrecasteux Channel, lutruwita / Tasmania

I hung on

Your every word
Tossed about gently
Like lost garments
In the night
On the deck
Of a ship at storm
Trip hazard
But loved once worn
In the daylight
As the anchor
Finds safe habour
Among living creatures
Seeking safety
Searching sea bottom
For friends and tidbits
Till bottomless glass
Tilts no more
I set sail again
Longing horizon
Begs me for more
Elizabeth Pier, nipaluna / Hobart, lutruwita / Tasmania

Art of imagination

Blank canvas
So tragically

Make a mark
So daringly

Happen upon
A feather
To conjure up
Full plumage

Light upon
Beached hull
To envisage
Wooden ships

Pluck remnant of
Blue white shard
To dine at
Ancestral table

Treasure cover
Ancient amulet
Embark adventure

Seed on breeze
Now sown
Imagine the tree
Full grown

Gaze a smile
Short story
To enter your
Worlds unknown
Junction cabin kunanyi / Mt Wellington, lutruwita / Tasmania


Teasing a whisper trail
Covering over a lifetime
He said, she said
Cellists make good lovers
As she hugs her legs
Round the portly shape
Smooth timbre of hips
Vibrating sullenly
As boozy fingers
Re-member how to be
When eyes hone in
These beams come down
Onto me from the sky
A place I can never climb
So I evacuate from
The bottom rung
Sink my toes into
Mounds of moss
Lichen it grows
On me like you
Hidden shape teases
Behind a silk wave
Hiding her face
When I try to take
Her picture

On the bow

Her face rides out front
Body carved by artisan
Not a live one steps foot
Lest to say farewell
Till return to homeland
Her likeness revealing
The love of artist heart
Like a woman of dreaming
Unreal onboard
Writing home to her
Every single day
Or some piece to hold onto
As tide carries me away
Carved wooden piece from Svenor’s figurehead, wrecked Newcastle 1914. Donor Alistair Gibson. ~ Maritime Museum of Tasmania


Thoughts crowded out
Like street nights
Festival lights
Past midnight
Holding open space
Reflecting on
Celebrations alike
No way to put
My finger on it
Taint with print
Hot to touch
Can't switch it off
Bask in its glow
Round the clock
Source metered out
In the dark
Tales tools of trade
Our words live on


Showering rain opens
Fallen of yesterday
Buried in layers
Soaking in ready
For new openings
Rising again
A new green shoot
Fresh and bare
Sensitive to grazing
Unfurled plentiful
Placeholders populate
Hold on to precious
Earth newly nourished
To cover over through
The dawning years

Casting off

Cast off accoutrements
Don dancing shoes
Second summer echoes
Through wine bars
Trees on second wind
Greening the byways
Good cheer pouring
Positive meniscus
Sips. Smile. Sit back.
Too much goodness
Enough to leave the crust
The best is yet to come
love this...
Enough to last the year

Love like

A magic carpet ride
Source lost and found
Some foreign bazaar
Where incense, spice
And turkish delights
Feast your eyes
From afar
Friends call out
From way below
'Get down from there
You'll hurt yourself!'
Then tell them
'I don't care'
For a vision
Laid out in front
Shows me
As far as only
Mine eye
Can see
Derwent River, lutruwita / Tasmania