A poignant question

A poignant question 
Posed to me by me
By mark of time
Who would love
Such one as I
The notion begged
Ten thousand words
Just to describe
Such question
Then eighty thousand
More to write
Each possible retort
Once most likely
Option I could find
At least another
Twenty thousand
Words crept through
My mind
Not until the warmth
Of one enamoured
By my side
To find stillness
Just to rest
These lips
On mine


Incantations of solitude
Splayed all over
Iridescent pages
Wiped by finger wand
In an instant

Sweet torment of longing
For deeper waters
Treading still
Yet running
In ruminations

Creatures lurk
Prod and pull
At my toes
Envious of airborne
View below treetops

A curtain moves
Lights fade
My heart gallops
At the notion
A bond could not
Be saved
Tinderbox view to Bruny Island

Sun kissed

Summer solstice and the air is swimming with insects
Rays scoop down to bathe kangaroo grass heads golden
Swaying on waves of breeze surfing on treetops
To break the back of the working week is to finish at midday on Friday
Roll down to the bay with windows down and radio blaring
The kissed sound of a tinnie opening
Smacked on lips evokes guttural sighs and closed eyes smiles all around me
She was brazen as one of the locals
Sandy haired and sun kissed freckled skin chilled as southern air embraces her
First one in heckling others to obey her invitation
Then she'd disappear under the waves to shed her worries
No one ever looked at her sideways
Pirates Bay Lookout

World rebuilding

Show me the ceiling
To break through it
Roof to climb
Endless stars infinity
Town edge dwelling
Among likeminded
City limits absorb
Unsuppressed greening
Ancient named peaks
Conquered cliff seams
Deconstructed reality
Worldbuilding dreams
Every time a memory
Falls from your lips
I capture the castle
Tend to its turrets
Looking out to wilderness
Waiting for inhabitants
Clock stopped in shock
Longing to revive
Moving hand to hand in time
For one
Clock tower GPO Hobart, Tasmania


A curiosity resides

In farthest place


Nightly gentle one disrobes

To find a hole


Enquiring strangers gasp along

The street remark


By some eyes a dagger lies

Between two ribs

Deep in

Enlightened cries swear angels 

Wings removed, her wound


Whispers guess a trickster nigh

Attention all


Hot balloon of tattle



Shy of hype and mock

Woman stops and stands


Looks could shoot

Ears aloof, no grain of truth 


As if an elephant

Had taken stage on a 


Shouts of anger

Stares asunder children fled

The scene

A robber, thief, caught in act

A trial for one


Justice would be pierced

Without a word until 

She speaks

I hear you all are roused because

A piece of me


Implore, ne’er do harm

Walk the line but not


The missing part I do not know

A thread was pulled

In seams

The pain of it concerns me not

Compared to that 

By thee


I've never left hibernation
All but a short stroll
Around the garden
To vacate my cave
Return to ocean
Plunge deep into her senses
Cool relief
I imagine it daily
Breaking the surface
Would look like
Reaching out both arms
Holding her close to me
Kissing her forehead
Hand on her cheek
The full force of waves
Impacting me
With that smile
Just inches away
Rocking me to the core
Over and over again
In rhythm with moon
Wax and wane
For as long as forever
Goat Beach, South Arm, Tasmania


Reading into you
Searching endlessly
For the same page
The right script
The best score
The only beat
In time with
Baton flick
By some one called fate
The world an immense
Library of works
I wander in that palace
Of my mind for that one
Story where we meet
Before the final scene
Where we crescendo to
The lasting peace
The rest of history

Great question

Hemmed between two women
Whose adventures stitch
Threads of images along
Fraying edges of mine
Covering the great expanse
Down to the particles
Of origin and earthly existence
Power couple like moons rotating in orbit
Planet like sinking ship
They floatation devices
To cling to
As we abandon our scripts
Play ad lib on stringed instruments
With salt lapping at
Our noses
I admire their smiles
As warmth in my belly
Dissolves the awkward
Moments when she
Materialises in scene
A simple equation
A square root not threes
The answer lies with me