Reading into you
Searching endlessly
For the same page
The right script
The best score
The only beat
In time with
Baton flick
By some one called fate
The world an immense
Library of works
I wander in that palace
Of my mind for that one
Story where we meet
Before the final scene
Where we crescendo to
The lasting peace
The rest of history

Great question

Hemmed between two women
Whose adventures stitch
Threads of images along
Fraying edges of mine
Covering the great expanse
Down to the particles
Of origin and earthly existence
Power couple like moons rotating in orbit
Planet like sinking ship
They floatation devices
To cling to
As we abandon our scripts
Play ad lib on stringed instruments
With salt lapping at
Our noses
I admire their smiles
As warmth in my belly
Dissolves the awkward
Moments when she
Materialises in scene
A simple equation
A square root not threes
The answer lies with me


Into life we delve
Retrieve treasure
Fossick through debris
Until we come up
Breathing, gasping
Wantonly inspired
To give shape
Form with words
So to reach
Into another's soul
To revive, cool, soothe
Another heart on fire
Burning out all fuel
Staring at smoking remains
She looks up and smiles
Whispers my name
Stories grow legs
Read themselves
Back to me
Giving life to them
Now never


Wish only upon constant
Stars in orbit
Planets seen unknown
Determined to absorb
Passing matter
Take onboard
What the universe
Discards to glow
Ever brighter

Cavernous depth explored
Abounds with lights
In darkness
Eyes and luminous
Minibeasts in their

Galaxies above and beneath
Still in between
One captures our attention
Immersed in lands
So small one could
Be forgiven for
Passing by without
A second glance
Such as her
Gently weathered words
Eloquently fashioned

If you find this one
Whose wild eyed look
Enhances depth perception
Do not keep hold of her
Let her roam at will
Follow the trail
Of stardust left
In each footstep
So you may live
A life long imagined


Immeasurable love
No bounds or limits
Growing exponentially
In response to
Space filled silence
Expanding forever
Into the spectrum
Of stardust

Meanwhile on earth
My two hearts
Explore the inside
Of a tardis
Whirling around me
Though bigger
On the inside
Only takes me
Where I don't
Want to go

One heart palpitates
While the other stable
Who can love twice
In one human body?
Present defines reality
Limited to words
I cannot say aloud
Push the big button
See where it goes?

Take me back
To the time
Before sliding doors

Invisible mountain

When the mountain is invisible
We walk on our memories
Our constant changing sun
Fog lights flourescent white
Guiding us home
While we bide our time
For Western Winds to thrive
To push delirium way out
For the ocean to disperse
Meanwhile hold my hand
Lest we trip on the tip
Of a stone cold moss
Covered path
Delighting in treasures
While they last
You too are one

Love like

Soft sand 
The place where
High tide won't reach
Just shy of ebb
Flow two-way
Discourse between
Land and sea
Both outreached
Like lovers arms
Drink each other in
Lying on her shores

Soft sand
Mounds where
Terns lay over
Tender feet walking
On eggshells
Deliberate delicate
New life born
In harsh climes

Soft sand
Free from damp and cold
Nestled in reedy banks
Hiding darting beaks
Succulents and more
Barely moving an inch
The sea slowly rises
But never touches
For fear to wash away all

Soft sand
Tender toes march in
Treasured not owned
No houses built to dwell
This place is sacred
Defended and protected
Barefoot tiptoe around
Lost coins, watches
Wallets and keys
Gravitate there with ease
Generous offerings to
The space where
Bronze bodies
Curves held form
Find ease and release
Respite for an hour
Then depart

Love that comes
And leaves
Yet always returns

Warm soft sand
Where I land
In the wintry recess
Of my mind
Until next time
Sifting fingers
Falling through
Return to dunes
Pure and refined
North Bruny Island, D’entrecasteux Channel, lutruwita / Tasmania

I hung on

Your every word
Tossed about gently
Like lost garments
In the night
On the deck
Of a ship at storm
Trip hazard
But loved once worn
In the daylight
As the anchor
Finds safe habour
Among living creatures
Seeking safety
Searching sea bottom
For friends and tidbits
Till bottomless glass
Tilts no more
I set sail again
Longing horizon
Begs me for more
Elizabeth Pier, nipaluna / Hobart, lutruwita / Tasmania