The bravest woman I know

To the woman with no means
Who spends her time

Cares for all littlest
Both furred and skin

Bringing lively heartbeats
Into tearful world

Paring back overgrowth
Giving wings to spread

Turning the other cheek
At the partnership

Turning new leaf
Love a fortune

Three love

Can't take my eyes
Off the game
Playing singles
Staring at opponent
Seeing double

Affected by one
On the sidelines
Waiting to notice
The score

The faults
The bad calls
Only chatting
To a friend

Watching them
Taking my eyes off
The ball
Shooting past head

Then a slam
In a game with
Naught but love

Beautiful People

'There's an island I know
They get a little rain
Then it snows
But the feeling seems to flow
It's a place that I call home
We get the music, get the market on the weekend
People don't seem to play pretend
Snow capped mountain looking over my shoulder
The summer seems to get much shorter and colder.

But there's beautiful people
And familiar faces
That's where I want to be
When the cold world races
The people I link with
The friends that I drink with
When the sky is falling down
It's my family I want to be with
The beautiful people.

There's a pub on the corner
You can drink in the street
Philosophy on the lawn
You can wear bare feet
If you stay out late
There's no pollution in the sky
So you can see the stars

Yeah we got problems
A few greedy men
Making decisions with
A cheque book and pen
The paper says
Nobody's cutting the trees
Seems funny to me
When the paper's made
Out of trees.

But there's beautiful people...

-song by Adam Cousens, Beautiful People. (C) 2009

Would I rather?

Some would prefer to be
Locked in a warm embrace
Holding hands on Summer's day
Dressing up for a parade

Underneath veneer new love
Springs to mind the perils of
Weighing strangers with a thumb
Viewed through tiny window

Only thing to weigh my mind
The thought of you riding
Over mountains, rivers, coastlines
Scenery found by your thighs

All the heartache, sweat and tears
Over so many years
Devoting nature's wisdom
To so many ears

Keeping so very busy
With thoughts of making plans
Though there's never any demand
Greater love in absent fan
Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree, merry merry king of the bush is he, laugh kookaburra laugh kookaburra, gay your life must be.‘ ~ Australiana song by Marion Sinclair

Higher love

I fell in love with nature
Not for its own sake
Or higher cause
Tickets to posterity

Simply to save me

She was a portal
I climbed through
Out of the capsized
Sinking ship

Took me by the hand
Showed me how to swim
Not for glory, accolades
For my own benefit

Opened my eyes
To all the life
Beneath the surface
I could not see

Though I hold on
To air, words, hands
In her presence
Not to tarnish

The moment

Having dived for riches
Striving to pluck my heart
From the seabed
She reminded me

Just breathe

Part of your world

'Bright young women
Ready to stand

Ready to know
What the people know

Ask them my questions
And get some answers

When's it my turn?
Wouldn't I love?

Love to explore
That shore up above

Wandering free

Wish I could be
Part of your world'

~Ariel, 1989. (C) Disney
Part of that world, by Jodi Benson
The Little Mermaid, illustration by Edmund Dulac


I visited your beach
While you were away
Took a seaheart home
From underneath the waves
I also received your dose
Of cinnamon sugar skin
Salty lips and ocean hair
Wished that you were there
But you were afterall
Maybe we could meet
Under the waves
One day

Saving faces

Peculiar how we save a face
In our memories
Some change
Some stay
One could remain
Just a passerby
In the grocery aisle
But instead became
Ingrained in our hearts
The eyes, lips, soft lines
For a time
Then painstakingly returns
To its place again
Passing us by
Gathering supplies
To meet with other faces
Besides mine
A nod, a smile
A backstep out
The revolving door
Of our lives

I feel fine

Heat wave
Tsunami wave
Shock wave
Tidal wave
Pressure wave
Goodbye wave
Blowdry wave
Global wave
Alpha wave
Sine wave
New wave

Standing on a hill
Waving at the shore
Wondering when
The final wave
Will come
To return
To life
Once more

Making plans
To see a band
Eating out
Nothing fancy
Just a few
More chances at
A minute spent
With you
Pimelea nivea

How do you do?

I ask my flowers..
They show spots, scars
Unwelcome visitors
Eroding fine display
Bugged by this
They pull up to sky
To climb higher
A royal bouquet

On our faces
We read them
Like palm lines
Mine long and broken
Immediately filled
With love
Looking so much
Like pain, longing
Though silent willing
To never let
This moment end
To nurture soil
Grow colour
A smile
To look into light
To unfurl
Holding on
For hope