Terra forma

Give me a solid rock to cling to
I will not stray from
Its foundation
Build a home upon
Its firm terrace
Until then I float
Looking upwards
To the sky
Taking turbulent rapids
With courage
Until I land on river bend
Becoming a platform
For those sinking
To cling to
View from kunanyi

Kingdom creatures

Every speck of colour
Flying past my eyes
Arouses great fascination
Friend or foe?
Local or blow-in?
Show me your colours
I will let thee live
For everyone of you
Everywhere reminds me
Of love for all things
All at once

αγάπη για όλα τα πράγματα
QVMAG Launceston, Tasmania

Don’t try

Don't try to close
The blinds on night sky
As new dawn breaks
No need to ferry clouds
Into silver lined
Pockets on pyjamas
While dreams dissipate
Fruitless picking
Strawberry fields
Wandering eyes
In the darkness
Simply pose salutation
As ever-revolving sun
Rises far beyond
Cabbage White Pieris rapae (Linnaeus)