Ariel’s keep

Only time can elucidate
The depth of blue
Storms dissipate
Pulling confused debris
Out to sea
Endless treasures beneath
Though not a coin
No ill-gotten gain
Wilderness reserve
Sustained our futures' sake
Fables, myths and legends
Barely touch the surface
Canon of heartfelt
Love in its place
Delivered in waves
Washed ashore
Upon fate's call
We might meet
In this place
First, dip the toe
Wade to rocky outcrop
Float to surface
Let the affect
Carry you away
A bond ever-giving
Calling me to stay
Taroona beach, lutruwita / Tasmania


Passing decades ripple down
River washing away debris
I stand willingly
Against tide and storm
Rising up
Seemingly to test resolve
Another decade cold feet
Bury deeper into ground
Toes tickled by roots
Holding me fast
Another few and my time
Will be past
With only the memory
Of those I sheltered
Whether they be ghosts
Dreams, or heroes
At last
(View from) Willie Smith’s Cider House, Huonville, lutruwita / Tasmania

Vows to an unknown lover

Here I write
Words we might aspire to
Though we'll likely disappoint each other
But we will try not to
In moments when we realise
Our needs did not come first
We will hold our hurt for a little while
Then allow time and space
For the other to grow
Be nurtured, then return,
If she may.
These vows may increase
Or slowly be erased
Their effect will be life-lasting
But if we find ourselves
Staring at a blank page
We can write new vows
Afresh with hope or
Fold it lovingly
Into a sleek airplane
and send it on its way

Narcissus’ touch

Tell me, dear friend
Cool lover
So full
Of us and potential
Do you only love
For what you might
Obtain from such
A warm and generous
Soul denying
A sacrificial kind
You will humbly assist
With their purpose
In life?
No greater love
Than one who
Forsakes (you for)
River Derwent, Tasmania

In my mind

In my mind 
We meet secretly
On the hidden stairwell
In the evening
Where I can hold
A hug for longer
Evading prying glance

In my mind
We go everywhere
On the hidden trail
In the wilderness
Where I can hold
A breath for longer
Exaling view entranced

To be alone
With you
In my mind
Little Howrah Beach, Hobart Tasmania