All at sea

'Lighthouse tall and grand
Standing on that cold headland
Shine your light across the sea
For a wayward sailor girl like me

Lighthouse man
Guide this sailor back to land
Steer my ship on through the storm
Back to water safe and calm

Sometimes I need a lighthouse for my own
It gets so dark I can't see which way I'm going

Oh lighthouse man
I'm all at sea
Shine a little lighthouse light on me

Lighthouse man
Can't help us all
Some he'll save and some will fall
He'll show you where the danger lies
But he can't help it if you capsize

He'll light your way but that is all
Steer your own ship back to shore
Won't you light my lonely way back home
This sea is full of misery and woe

Oh woe betide those that say
They don't need no light to light their way
They think they're safe enough on their own
Drown in murky depths below

We all need a lighthouse for our own
It gets so dark I can't see which way I'm going

Oh lighthouse man I'm all at sea
Shine a little lighthouse light on me'

~Song by The Waifs
Iron Pot Lighthouse from Roaring Beach, Tasmania

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Chad Alan Gracey / Chad David Taylor / Edward Joel Kowalczyk / Patrick Dahlheimer
Lighthouse lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc

Mare Nostrum

Lead me out gingerly
Tip toe on silken waves
Embedded with shed
Homes of crustaceans
Talking about homeless
A baby boomer
Teaches me patience
Let the body loose
Long as peripheral
System shuts down
From the chill
Conversation warms
To the gills
We wade, smiling
Two women who flew
South to nest
At twenty eight
Hardly recovered
Making friends
Everywhere we went
Till we swim again
Be well

Narcissus’ touch

Tell me, dear friend
Cool lover
So full
Of us and potential
Do you only love
For what you might
Obtain from such
A warm and generous
Soul denying
A sacrificial kind
You will humbly assist
With their purpose
In life?
No greater love
Than one who
Forsakes (you for)
River Derwent, Tasmania


A curiosity resides

In farthest place


Nightly gentle one disrobes

To find a hole


Enquiring strangers gasp along

The street remark


By some eyes a dagger lies

Between two ribs

Deep in

Enlightened cries swear angels 

Wings removed, her wound


Whispers guess a trickster nigh

Attention all


Hot balloon of tattle



Shy of hype and mock

Woman stops and stands


Looks could shoot

Ears aloof, no grain of truth 


As if an elephant

Had taken stage on a 


Shouts of anger

Stares asunder children fled

The scene

A robber, thief, caught in act

A trial for one


Justice would be pierced

Without a word until 

She speaks

I hear you all are roused because

A piece of me


Implore, ne’er do harm

Walk the line but not


The missing part I do not know

A thread was pulled

In seams

The pain of it concerns me not

Compared to that 

By thee

Shopping list

First thing to add is a packet of self-respect

To this, all other ingredients can be added

Then, take the junk food out of the bag

Leave it unless kindness is a preservative

No silent treatment 

Shut downs, let downs, broken promises

These are carcinogens

The cheap things on the list

Will cost you the most 

In the long run

If we ingest words, touch, treatment

Only take away the best

You are worth it

A gourmet nutritious spread

Of generosity 

Don’t shove down anything else

Wreak havoc with your insides

Because humans have basic needs

And love is one of them