A curiosity resides

In farthest place


Nightly gentle one disrobes

To find a hole


Enquiring strangers gasp along

The street remark


By some eyes a dagger lies

Between two ribs

Deep in

Enlightened cries swear angels 

Wings removed, her wound


Whispers guess a trickster nigh

Attention all


Hot balloon of tattle

Entourage of jest


Shy of hype and mock

Woman stops and stands


Looks could shoot

Ears aloof, no grain of truth 


As if an elephant

Had taken stage on a 


Shouts of anger

Stares asunder children fled

The scene

A robber, thief, caught in act

A trial for one


Justice would be pierced

Without a word until 

She speaks

I hear you all are roused because

A piece of me


Implore, ne’er do harm

Walk the line but not


The missing part I do not know

A thread was pulled

In seams

The pain of it concerns me not

Compared to that 

By thee

Shopping list

First thing to add is a packet of self-respect

To this, all other ingredients can be added

Then, take the junk food out of the bag

Leave it unless kindness is a preservative

No silent treatment 

Shut downs, let downs, broken promises

These are carcinogens

The cheap things on the list

Will cost you the most 

In the long run

If we ingest words, touch, treatment

Only take away the best

You are worth it

A gourmet nutritious spread

Of generosity 

Don’t shove down anything else

Wreak havoc with your insides

Because humans have basic needs

And love is one of them



Latent offerings
In seeds thousands
Of years old
Gifting us with
Time capsule
In flower now
Coveted secrets
Love long-held
Won or spurned
Walks with strut
On city streets
Still hopeful hides
In country towns
Here is my flower
On show socials
Screens, streets
Cafe cakes movies
Magic roundabouts
Lit up like spaceship
Everywhere gifts
Of love like
In hands and lips
Smooth as silk
One long missed
Rarest flower
Blooms behind glass
On show, set apart
Seeds never sown
On her own hearing
You are loved


If a rare spotted handfish
Washed up on my beach
Barely alive
Would one recognize
How special it is?
If happened upon
Such a find
It would mark my days
Stories and spare time
I'd seek to remove
Every invading sea star
Threatening its home
Plucking them from
Jetties, wharfs
Sea bottom floors
Just to make safe home
For one whom
We only touched hands


Shade gives depth perception
Necessary when deepest ocean
Turns to shallows
Define the wreckage, rocks, cliffs

Tone brings more indifference
A wintry holiday by ocean
After reclaiming lost
Treasures awash with jetsam

Tint a whitewashed
Glossy smile and glint
Not knowing whether real
Seeking substance

Hue is true and steadfast
No turning black to blue
Once seen believed
Richness not felt before
Nor again, but you

Look up

Love is looking up
Telling us always
Who to and where to go
Telling feet to point
In right direction
Or else stumble aside
It's the glorious view
From below that inspires
To keep going
Taking everyone with you
If eyes are glued
- Try it some time -
Wherever you look
Others look there too
So grateful to spy
A beautiful soul
Chin up to pinnacle
To show me how too

Last time

The last time I ever
Saw her face next to mine
My chilled fingers wiped
Warm tears from her eyes
Shed for another lost
Lover long ago
Sometimes it's shared losses
That waters new growth
If time lasts forever
We'd live in that moment
Rather than swimming
In thoughts of our own
Giving voice to our stories
Of long lost loved dears
On the seat right beside
Their bodies appear
While two are a couple
Absorbed in own world
A gaggle of lovers
Surround sound divide
So keep them in storage
Where they safely belong
Saved up for those moments
When long dates are done

Liminal spaces

Perched between barren landscapes 
Far as the eye squints
In the distance
Microscopic life dawns
In open spaces unseen
How we relish the resilience
Of some tiny show
Of leaves stalk reaching
Up for sunlight to ignite
It's open tongued grooves
Into being

Yet we find normalised eugenics
Those who exist between the lines
Of normativity collectivism
Turned aside by one
Derided by two
Abandoned by three
Many mouths to feed
Better defend protect
Turn inside out
Than let another
Take the mantle
When the woman till
Ten works then sleeps
A superior breed
To exist in such
Harsh remote conditions
Of isolation
Yet to grace the pages
Of top ten endemic list
For protection
Women and children
Survival of our species