Unspoken pain

Unspoken pain
Furls the brow
Like tectonic plates
Left and right brain

Tears and words
Flooding rain
Eroding sharp precipice
Smoothing softening

Deep richness
Exposed openly
Filtering through
Luscious soil

The impossible girl

Seven score and fifteen
Since the day
Dared to reclaim
Blindfold fell away

The world is a scarier place
Yet wide, vast as the sky
When pulling opinions
Down from on high

Meeting all the faces
Damp lit street and dark
Being one with them
Hitting the mark

All the things refrain
Are real for us
All of life
Abounds in us

Are we alone
Divided by love
Of mythical tree
A new year's eve

Glorious garden grows
Its beauty renewed
Breathtaking view
for Lili

Tender shoots

Love small waving hands
Pointing up to the sun
Lime coloured ones
Delicate fronds

Every year heralding
New growth has begun
Resisting prunings
Wilting of winter

Hope for another year
Even when caretaker
Seemingly ignores
Their every need

Giving, as if
Love is enough
Mountain Pepper, Richmond Tasmania


I woke from a dream
And saw you there
Returned to sleep 
Suddenly - unaware

Places that feel
Real to the senses
Plague our minds
Completely - unfounded

Dreamscapes grow
Over memories
Feeding on fallen
Radiantly - unmeasured

Ellendale, Tasmania


A blazing fire 
turns over
With the line
Over fields
of dark time

Climax contains
Steady camera gaze
A face neither
Smiles nor cries
Home for the morning

Thinly veiled eyes
Hiding midnight sighs
Turn and walk away
Into the night
Holding on so tight

Silence of years
Shouting out
Conquer your fears
Wait for the time
Till then we wander

Only offering
Most valuable
All to save
Nothing but oneself
Can we be brave?

The Place of Repose

The feathered bird flips lightly on the low bough and peers

Suspiciously at fronds of smoke waving past his ears

Roundly Red and pale Peach bellies, proudly hide and seek

Circling hoard of humans who visit once a week

Curiously they walk below, felling trunks, digging peat

Bouncing round the fire waving sticks with things to eat

Harmlessly they shape our wood into a tiny home

A private nest, motionless, watching while Red roams.

Grow Big

Lying motionless for weeks

Eyes tracing fleur de lis

The peeling paper of grief

Lit by dappled window


We hauled ourselves o’er river

Up valley, down street

A fortress of relief

Where the sun streams in


Letterbox dropped all over

Exhaustive help depletes

Children playing down the creek

Treated from top to feet


The wardrobe grew expansive

The widening face to greet

In the mirror of my memory

My morning stranger meet


A thickening of walls and doors

A latch that won’t fool many

The welcome mat rolled up and out

For neighbours warm and friendly


The distance and the silence grew

A universe between them

Majestic prose still flows in space

Though gracious few receive it


The stranger in the mirror

Grows accustomed to the stare

Our eyes meet and smile

A sweet surrendered air


Hiding in plain sight

My former figure forgets

Politely nod and carry along

The new friend in our midst


New and aged silver and brave

Though some might say contrary

The glimmer in her eye reveals

The joy in giving Glory

Featured Image: Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash