Too Many Times

Entering in to the smoke haze full of belly laughs and beers. Balls clinking with a one eyed man sliding a cue past his ears.

She sauntered in and eyed the one cornered, legs crossed and facing a mermaid print in gilt frame. She touched her back and smiled at the face that flipped sideways. Bout time. Rolling her eyes with a wry smile.

Placed a gold coin on the table to wait for a turn. Hello hello. How did she earn those stripes. The room fell quiet. She walked away but felt ready to fight a tiger.

What’s all white and opens and closes its legs to get anywhere..? Did. She. Dare. A cue on the wall landed in her grasp. Snap. Over his back.

Is this how we treat new members here fellas? The bar lady stood eyes downcast polishing a glass. The biggest one glared, smiling, took a chair.

Turning around to take in the full spectacle. Her other half casually loaded up the table, full of balls. Another round?

Hundreds and Thousands

Reading the same line for the hundred and tenth time. She curled her toes back and stretched tight calves. Flexing arms over head, she caught a reflection in the room sized mirror, the empty space beside. If walls could talk, she wondered.

Flicking the bedside light off the blinds drawn open wide. Stars in the sky in their infinity. An umbrella covering her and the one in her mind. Her thousand yard stare crossing hundreds of miles somewhere out at sea.

It would be down tools time where she was. Days measured in longitude. A shudder coursed down her spine as she imagined tasting her end of day lager on her lips. Laughs in bars in far off exotic places. Olive skin and bright eyes staring at friendly strangers. One night only. She shook those thoughts away out of her head.

Curled in the dark with eyes closed tight, dreaming of sweet reunions. She cupped her hands across her chest for warmth and reminder to love thy self first. Only one hundred and ten nights more.

How to Breathe

Footfalls paced the sodden earth, nowhere to recline after the downpour flooded the valley. Even the ducks were dismayed, hidden in the thickets of reeds as the water level chased them up the banks. Gathering their young under their wings for comfort and relief from the cold.

The swollen river consumed the viewing platform and lapped at the debris, washing downstream. Flotsam and jetsum danced willfully in eddies before scooting over the levee.

The glowing bud on the end of her cigarette lit her squinting eyes momentarily, waft of smoke stinging a tear to release. The shine in her eyes caught out, recalling the last time.

The warmth on her lips and a hug to her insides. Coursing with its stimulant, negating the effect of a downtrodden heart.

Wind and flood rushed carelessly, madly, ringing in her ears to obscure her thoughts.

She stubbed the butt on the side of her boot and strode off handsomely under the bridge. Resorting to the darkness to cover her momentary lapse of reason from the world. Large tears fell from the sky and found their way into her eyes. A sweet side effect of missing terribly. A catharsis not afforded to all, but the tortured artists and vulnerable ones.

The river water reflected the grey sky and green lawn sprawling on the banks. Shoulders shrugged in resignation, collar pulled high. Shivering had set in, fingers nestled in her pockets in the hip crevice of her jeans. She would retreat until it was over.

Drawing out another cigarette, the flash and spark of the light aroused more and brighter thoughts of happier days. The flame danced and flashed a white smile, carelessly. Then extinguished on the cold breeze.

She closed her eyes and smiled at the flash of a face. One that time could not erase. The rain eroded the nesting places but soon the flood waters would ease. The firm feeling that love was never in vain overcame her. She was as easy to love as breathing.

The End