Black cockatoos a more reliable
Predictor of the weather
Heading east escaping vapour
Mountain hidden since dawn break

Abandon all attempts to exercise
Freedom to illustrate
Sparse drawing began
Brink of adolescence, identity elation

I leave the trailing line
Hanging poised quill laden
Ink heavy ready to spill
In favour of waiting

Forever a poem for you
A penned story always binding
Thoughts you can come home to
Though words need never rhyme


A time for adventure
Blistering cold and heat
A time for restoration
Distraction, diversion
Show me another way
Through the thickets
Deep immersion
A time for shelter
Closed cabin
Four walls
To reform
Break out
In good time
Officers Quarters gardens, Eaglehawk Neck, Tasmania

Love like

Two sides of one heart
One taking me in
Another letting me go
Sending life flowing
All around me
Until day is spent
Finding its way
Her chamber open
Receiving all of me
To be revived
Then sent out
Once again
Syncopating rhythm
Inside of me
A divide between
Echo in my ears
Both loves beat
As long as I live


Reading into you
Searching endlessly
For the same page
The right script
The best score
The only beat
In time with
Baton flick
By some one called fate
The world an immense
Library of works
I wander in that palace
Of my mind for that one
Story where we meet
Before the final scene
Where we crescendo to
The lasting peace
The rest of history


Let there be no doubt
No matter how well
I weave my way out
The web of thoughts
Weigh me down
In the most pleasant
Hypnotic way
Like a witch stitching
Magical tales
Casting incantations
I am wrapt completely
A bind of my own making
To pull at a loose end
To test its strength
Would surely lead to
My unraveling
In the meantime
Willing wearers
Be blessed adopted kin
Taking tribal yarning
Tales of daring
To edge of reason
Creating folk fables
From salt spray taste
Waiting for your return
Once again