Star signs

My youngest was born
On your birthday
All those years ago
He is kind, wise and generous
Born under the same sign

I'd lost memories like quicksand
Till I saw you, resurrected
Now I have dreams to protect you
From prying lips and eyes

All hours I spent
Watching, wondering
Which words would suffice to say
Now I clumsily write them down
In hope for brighter days

I left the lap of nature
For a piece on heritage street
Left behind a part of me
I am yet to retrieve

I long to nurture another
Tending to their wounds
Catching any words that fall
Just like you did for me

Girl band

If I could ask just one thing
Of a girl's best mate
How to be in love
And never speak its name?
How to hold it in
For short hours soon to end
Only to explode
Smiles and tears on journey's end
How to read a book
Admire a view
When next to them?
Eyes like infrared
Tracing everywhere she went
If this secret she relays
Would keep me in this band
To spend another five, ten years
Waiting for her hand
Lake Dobson, Mt Field National Park, Tasmania


Black cockatoos a more reliable
Predictor of the weather
Heading east escaping vapour
Mountain hidden since dawn break

Abandon all attempts to exercise
Freedom to illustrate
Sparse drawing began
Brink of adolescence, identity elation

I leave the trailing line
Hanging poised quill laden
Ink heavy ready to spill
In favour of waiting

Forever a poem for you
A penned story always binding
Thoughts you can come home to
Though words need never rhyme