A blazing fire 
turns over
With the line
Over fields
of dark time

Climax contains
Steady camera gaze
A face neither
Smiles nor cries
Home for the morning

Thinly veiled eyes
Hiding midnight sighs
Turn and walk away
Into the night
Holding on so tight

Silence of years
Shouting out
Conquer your fears
Wait for the time
Till then we wander

Only offering
Most valuable
All to save
Nothing but oneself
Can we be brave?


All the books
In the world
All the learned ones
In history
Stop short
Of knowing
The mysteries
Of the matters
Of the heart

For this one cannot
Pursue in degrees
Of books
Or afield
It can only
Be found
In the flesh
In the song
Of our life

One to another
Kloster Einsideln, Germany

Mysterion – that which awaits disclosure or interpretation