All things

You were all things to me
Breathing air seeing none
You meant the whole world
Revolving the sun
Reliving lost dreams
That fled once awake
Exploring new ground
No claiming a stake
Imagining lives
We never would live
Biding our time
For someone to give
kunanyi / Mt Wellington, lutruwita / Tasmania

By an inch

Tell her that you love her
If not with words
Any other thing
Without a doubt
Most important
Need to know
Life or death
By an inch
Holding one
Away from cliff
Sudden drop away
To vast ocean
Of loneliness
Tell her simply
For vast open sky
Meets horizon
High and deep
Where love consumes
Our solitude
We float away
To worlds unknown
kunanyi / Mt Wellington


World presents digital pixels
Eyes adjust to scenery
Day long listening
To hearts on repeat
Stories neverending
Appeals, demands
Longings, refusals
A girl in the background
Dog barking
Train horn in Dehli
Automatic voice
On the Toongabbie line
Selling my song
No cleaner air
Than what I breathe
Come down toward
Just shy of Antarctic
Weather is fine here
How could you think twice?

Beautiful People

'There's an island I know
They get a little rain
Then it snows
But the feeling seems to flow
It's a place that I call home
We get the music, get the market on the weekend
People don't seem to play pretend
Snow capped mountain looking over my shoulder
The summer seems to get much shorter and colder.

But there's beautiful people
And familiar faces
That's where I want to be
When the cold world races
The people I link with
The friends that I drink with
When the sky is falling down
It's my family I want to be with
The beautiful people.

There's a pub on the corner
You can drink in the street
Philosophy on the lawn
You can wear bare feet
If you stay out late
There's no pollution in the sky
So you can see the stars

Yeah we got problems
A few greedy men
Making decisions with
A cheque book and pen
The paper says
Nobody's cutting the trees
Seems funny to me
When the paper's made
Out of trees.

But there's beautiful people...

-song by Adam Cousens, Beautiful People. (C) 2009

House by the sea

Such a happy circumstance
To wind and reel in
Making it easy for you
To catch your tea

I would sit inside bay window
Watching a vinyl record
Revolve like my small world
On repeat

The safety of familiar tunes
Singing a harmony
Clawing fingers through
A shag pile rug

Life seems lovely
Until the wind and storms
Batter the front
Waves dare to sweep away

All I need is a cabin
A cosy corner bed
With lamp and books
Leather chair

A place to curl my toes
Sip tea and powder nose
The best view I could find
Would be with you inside
Hinsby beach, Taroona ~ overlooking River Derwent, lutruwita / Tasmania