Love like

A run away thought train

I feel like a planet falling into a black hole around you. In a good way. Swallowed up by gravity. It flattens me. I submit to it.

Your smile when you look at me is the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

Only to hear you talk so I can press record in my mind and have something to replay on the gray days of my life.

I give you my best thoughts and that is like an eternal hand holding.
Evandale, lutruwita / Tasmania

Love like

Two sides of one heart
One taking me in
Another letting me go
Sending life flowing
All around me
Until day is spent
Finding its way
Her chamber open
Receiving all of me
To be revived
Then sent out
Once again
Syncopating rhythm
Inside of me
A divide between
Echo in my ears
Both loves beat
As long as I live

A better lover

Wind teases hair
Discards garments
On the ground
Sprawling helpless
Disperses seeds
Far and wide
Like long lost family

Until sun's rays coax
Out of hiding
Bask in her glow
Only know how deeply
Gratitude can grow
After feeling how chill
To miss you

Falling softly

Heart wants what it wants
Wide open mouth
River swallowed by the sea
Jaw falls open gaping
As head inclines
Leafy fingers entwine
Above me holding canopy
Sun winks through
Dappled blinds
Wondering what you'd say
Standing next to me
Whispers imaginary
As the hush of waves
Soothes the craving
Cliffs falling in
Finally retired
To lie on soft bed
Far beneath
Derwent River from Bellerive, lutruwita / Tasmania


Reading into you
Searching endlessly
For the same page
The right script
The best score
The only beat
In time with
Baton flick
By some one called fate
The world an immense
Library of works
I wander in that palace
Of my mind for that one
Story where we meet
Before the final scene
Where we crescendo to
The lasting peace
The rest of history