Night blind

Storms hover
Laden with energy
As tarry black
Night sky pours out
Longing freezes over
Bursts of Spring
Barely taken hold
Tender shoots
Yearning to flower
Waking dawn
Her face shines over
Melting at the sight
Crying streams
Down to river
Harshness softened
Bud revived
To bloom and grow
To thrive
Kunanyi / Mt Wellington

Higher love

I'd look upon you
Every day
Steal glimpses for
When we're away

A blanket holds
Close to curves
Morning array
Colours displayed

Sleeping woman
Found all over
Whole country
Loving her

Turning away
Amounts to nothing
She commands all
My attention

Gracing this scene
Weak at knees
Only few times
Lost in her skies

Enamored by trails
Of thoughts
Leading me onward
She is mountain
Kunanyi / Mt Wellington

Fly with me

Expectantly waiting for
The only sure thing
Change like four seasons
Pervades our meetings
Winter I admire from
My bedroom window
Fall each time surprised
By her kaleidescope
Summer brightest sky
I can only steal a look
Spring is waiting patient
Bursts of flower arrive
One who reflects all
By colour of her eyes
Who hides and sheds light
Elucidates memories
A time lapse ride
Thrill of it levitates
On Zephyr past rocky shore
Over seas beyond wild dreams
Where I reside forever
Come with me?


I've never left hibernation
All but a short stroll
Around the garden
To vacate my cave
Return to ocean
Plunge deep into her senses
Cool relief
I imagine it daily
Breaking the surface
Would look like
Reaching out both arms
Holding her close to me
Kissing her forehead
Hand on her cheek
The full force of waves
Impacting me
With that smile
Just inches away
Rocking me to the core
Over and over again
In rhythm with moon
Wax and wane
For as long as forever
Goat Beach, South Arm, Tasmania

Red silk

Love is no contest 
Of reciprocity
If it were
Ours a game of tag
Where i am always it

Instead, a gift of sound
As if handing you
Every note wrapped
In red silk ribbon
From Chopin's ninth night

You responding only
With the miniscule slip
Of tear sliding down cheek
Eloquent and appropriate
For one such as this
Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace, Sydney

Sailor’s warning

Most exquisite sign
Illuminates the sky
Storm charges by
Bones rejoining

Her showering peace
Taunting me
Playing partners
Lightning smile dawning

Thunder rumble
Through my veins
Wayward glances
Broken sighs yawning

Her stage circumference
Straddle far horizons
All I see in front of me
I hold each waking morning