Beside myself

How many ways I'll tell
Lengths and miles I'd go
To prove what you
Already know

I'd win Master chef
Learn to cook
World's best

Find tea of Ceylon
Brew delicious
Breakfast cup

Kick start business
Buy your dream
Beach house

Licence to fly
Drop you in
Western Wilds

Sail boat to ride
Marine exploring
Ocean tide

I'll take you all
These places
On our imagination

But only time
And place I have
Right here and now
Kettering, lutruwita / Tasmania

I would rather

Be poor and in love
Living on tea and vegies

Hear love sing out loud
Than make up songs about it

Live in a yurt fancy free
Than find a home without you

Stay, wait and wonder
Than solo sail world round

See your face again
Than know everything about you

Close my eyes and count to ten
Than hide in the dark to be found

Space junk

All that glitters
Is not gold
In zero gravity
Feel free and easy
But unavoidable
Collisions with
Floating debris
Leave me speechless
On the far
Distant galaxy
My star lights the way
She is bright and sparkly
Unnamed oft spoken
Constant in the sky
Can we consume
Drifting asteroids
Wandering satellites
That hinder us?
We are but dust
If I shine
We collide
Will we repel
Create a new world?
Or at least
Glow brighter
Unto ourselves
While dark stillness
Between us
Stories untold

By an inch

Tell her that you love her
If not with words
Any other thing
Without a doubt
Most important
Need to know
Life or death
By an inch
Holding one
Away from cliff
Sudden drop away
To vast ocean
Of loneliness
Tell her simply
For vast open sky
Meets horizon
High and deep
Where love consumes
Our solitude
We float away
To worlds unknown
kunanyi / Mt Wellington

Only way

A multiverse grows 
Out and beyond
Over and within

To the naked eye
One only sees a light
A smile a look
A gracious word or two

The only way I know
How to love you
Is in spacious place
Wide open spaces

Long learnings ago
I hoped for one
To explore the cavern
Find the open door

My mind is endlessly
Travelling back forth
But pinpoints perfectly
On one such as yourself
Pterostylis decurva

Upcycled sayings

Do we ever get tired
Recharging our hearts
Rebooting our minds?
Taking old wares
For someone to buy?

Sayings recycled
Every single day
I love you
I wish you were mine

Daily dose of colour
If you wish a change
Cover us in glitter
Start a new page

A screenprint in fluoro
A badge, hat, blades
Take me out tomorrow
But promise me today?