Is it always so enchanting 
From your point of view?
Shining smilingly
Above the rooftops
Is the water's skin
Shivering under your gaze
Like I used to
Baroque soundwaves
Fill my ears
A detour from wayward
Straight lines
Gone haywire
I take the backbends
Winding by yesteryears
When the moon revolved
Around us

Dearest self

You remind me of
A younger self
Open the door
At your touch
The bolt falters
Windows to my soul
Lit magnificent colours
Upon grand entrance
Into my world
Take me back
To a time when time
Was unmeasured
Lost in sublime
Hours of hopeful truth
Seamless rewriting
Darning old memories
Luminous awakenings
Love heals all wounds
View of Sandy Bay from Battery Point jetty. lutruwita / Tasmania

A poignant question

A poignant question 
Posed to me by me
By mark of time
Who would love
Such one as I
The notion begged
Ten thousand words
Just to describe
Such question
Then eighty thousand
More to write
Each possible retort
Once most likely
Option I could find
At least another
Twenty thousand
Words crept through
My mind
Not until the warmth
Of one enamoured
By my side
To find stillness
Just to rest
These lips
On mine