Fly with me

Expectantly waiting for
The only sure thing
Change like four seasons
Pervades our meetings
Winter I admire from
My bedroom window
Fall each time surprised
By her kaleidescope
Summer brightest sky
I can only steal a look
Spring is waiting patient
Bursts of flower arrive
One who reflects all
By colour of her eyes
Who hides and sheds light
Elucidates memories
A time lapse ride
Thrill of it levitates
On Zephyr past rocky shore
Over seas beyond wild dreams
Where I reside forever
Come with me?


Centrepiece draws all attention
Table decoration licks
Falling drops of candle wax
Flicking in the breeze
Of open window
Soft whistling through teeth
Of leaf blades nestled
Together giving shelter
In tea tree and banksia
Boughs nod with agreement
Their finery would inspire
Long lasting admiration
Should their limbs
Ever capture her attention
Meanwhile a family
Of feathered miniatures
Snug handsomely
Peering from the outside
Of timber bars
Mirrored trap never fly or tap
Inside a cell
Mundane human paper sheets
Make wonderful bug feed
Nestling leaves
Full of words to please
While outside unnoticed
Every bird, bee and butterfly
Is free to dance with ease