Kingdom creatures

Every speck of colour
Flying past my eyes
Arouses great fascination
Friend or foe?
Local or blow-in?
Show me your colours
I will let thee live
For everyone of you
Everywhere reminds me
Of love for all things
All at once

αγάπη για όλα τα πράγματα
QVMAG Launceston, Tasmania

Narcissus’ touch

Tell me, dear friend
Cool lover
So full
Of us and potential
Do you only love
For what you might
Obtain from such
A warm and generous
Soul denying
A sacrificial kind
You will humbly assist
With their purpose
In life?
No greater love
Than one who
Forsakes (you for)
River Derwent, Tasmania


Looking up to you
Taking time to realise
We all revolve
Around one another
All drawing each other
Inwards and collisions

It took a while
Of sitting in
The darkness
Taking time to realise
How bright you are
How steady and constant
While eyes are distracted
By satellites
And falling stars

Mesmerising centuries
Defying human theories
The seat of source
Of all things
Green on earth

Stardust fingers
Billions of years wide
Hold us all our lives


Deciding upon
What to adorn
My walls
To keep me content
In case we need to
stay in again

Thick oak-look frame
Appearance is everything
Sandstone smiles
In the shade
Sun behind
Holding up a glorious
Bouquet of natives
Flannel flower power
Blue gum leaves
My own arrangement
By request
Selected anything
With white bloom
Tea tree in season
Looking like
A big cauliflower
Dried nicely
In my room
I remember

The next a mirror
Painted frame
Like retro glam
Gold and silver
Telling me
Look at you
-How you've weathered
So nicely
In the stormy seas-
Looking at me

Another gold
Circular seal
With purple
For royalty
A lineage
When born again
Not feeling it
In fact it tells me
Yes you studied
Greek among men
Not so different
From the halls
Of Plato
Blending in
With other
Carry a Grecian
Jug on my head
So as not to attract

A bold shot of blue
Spread from end to end
Covered in blossoms
From a shaky hand
Eyes near blind
World inside
The mind of Monet
My dear almond blossom
Telling me it's time
To leave these walls
Remember the branch
Severed at one end
Can bloom and grow
View of blossom tree, from the ground.


Pure delight
Little fingers find
Feathery treasure
Waving its finery

We shed parts
Of ourselves
For friends keep
To admire

In sharing
They grow
Fly higher

Those of us
Left behind
Artists of Tasmania ~ Lucienne Rickard, loss of wildlife on Lord Howe Isl. Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

Ivory tower

She sits enthroned
Her head of stone
Arms incapable
Of waving royally

For her beauty
Strength, immortality
Divine femme

No king of beasts
Can protect her
From iconoclasm
Cult postmodern

Mother to all
Yet none to rest
On her thighs
Soothed by breast

A body erect
All that remains
Of love
‘Principal goddess of Phrigia, ‘Mother of all gods’, Cybele was the personification of Nature’s power of growth.’

~John Elliott Classics Museum, University of Tasmania.