Southern front

Flying in formation 
I admire commitment
To one another
Through all weathers
Looking to the heavens
For inspiration
Direction finding
Decision laden
Feather-like mine
Wondering where
You're flying
Shelter within
Together while
Wind and storm rage
Our souls tied
Calms the storm
Cape Barren Geese on Maria Island, Tasmania

It’s a little bit funny

Ethical nature
To draw one out
Protect from predators
When they hide
On the inside
Under rocks
Not out open

How easy to mistake
To mimic a threat
For safety
But scare away
Own mate

Funny how I know
When I decide to
Stop chasing
With words
That'll be the day
You turn around
In the heavy silence
Between us
Where only smiles
Are found

More than words

Strange how the music 
Can say what lies inside
Better than own lips
Better still, silence
Reveals a sonnet
Of secrets

That moment between words
When the body speaks
To affirm or contradict
Knowing moves
Of safety

Alone with thoughts
On the edge of wild
Never live lonely
Affect writes thesis
Of sanity

Wondering brain waves
Sing on wind and wire
Telegraph of love
Words no limit
Of sound

Don't Stop.
Maria Island, Tasmania

No Doubt

A fresh gust of reality
Bites hard against
The skin

Sea spray sand blasts
Smooth stones against
The rocks

Shells hollow and warm
Release life amidst
The storm

Taken by wind or strike
Lofty feathers fly in
The heat

Still ruffled by strife
Tending precious ones
The heart

Decades dedicated two
So few remained
The start

Every time is new again
With you
Maria Island, Tasmania