All at sea

'Lighthouse tall and grand
Standing on that cold headland
Shine your light across the sea
For a wayward sailor girl like me

Lighthouse man
Guide this sailor back to land
Steer my ship on through the storm
Back to water safe and calm

Sometimes I need a lighthouse for my own
It gets so dark I can't see which way I'm going

Oh lighthouse man
I'm all at sea
Shine a little lighthouse light on me

Lighthouse man
Can't help us all
Some he'll save and some will fall
He'll show you where the danger lies
But he can't help it if you capsize

He'll light your way but that is all
Steer your own ship back to shore
Won't you light my lonely way back home
This sea is full of misery and woe

Oh woe betide those that say
They don't need no light to light their way
They think they're safe enough on their own
Drown in murky depths below

We all need a lighthouse for our own
It gets so dark I can't see which way I'm going

Oh lighthouse man I'm all at sea
Shine a little lighthouse light on me'

~Song by The Waifs
Iron Pot Lighthouse from Roaring Beach, Tasmania

Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Chad Alan Gracey / Chad David Taylor / Edward Joel Kowalczyk / Patrick Dahlheimer
Lighthouse lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc

April May

April may come again
Eventually it reminds
My nakedness
Revealing everything
Not a leaf remaining
Exposed but not barren
Shedding old stories
Just waiting
Frost and snow
Feral winds blew
Over rooftops
Firelit cabin
At high altitude
While I curled
Wistful and wondering
When the sun, like I
Came out of hiding
Richea Pandanifolia (Pandani or giant grass tree) at Lake Dobson, Mount Field National Park, lutruwita / Tasmania

Elixir of life

Leading me onward
Bitter sweet elixir
Courses through veins
Truth serum
Tried and tired
Confidants attest
Does it enliven?
Give wakeful purpose?
Determination when
World falls around us?
If the answer is yes
It is not addiction
Though why the need
To justify
A thousand times?
Shakespeare sonnet
This is not
But true love
At best

Vows to an unknown lover

Here I write
Words we might aspire to
Though we'll likely disappoint each other
But we will try not to
In moments when we realise
Our needs did not come first
We will hold our hurt for a little while
Then allow time and space
For the other to grow
Be nurtured, then return,
If she may.
These vows may increase
Or slowly be erased
Their effect will be life-lasting
But if we find ourselves
Staring at a blank page
We can write new vows
Afresh with hope or
Fold it lovingly
Into a sleek airplane
and send it on its way

Love that keeps you warm

Finest ink bleeds in time with percussive beats
Knowing well each drop more precious than gold

Unlike the burst of black cloud shrouding fear
Tentacles shooting across infested waters

Knowing where to find the spark for perpetuity
A lifeline in veins of penned prose

Splayed in restless phrases seeking
To be absorbed by stark gaze

On the pure chance her and I might be the same
Apart from desire to pour presence into silence

Stand fast like a tidal wall as passing rush
Tsunami crawls back to capacious sea

Entranced with affect, she pours into me veritable
Encyclopedia of past dreams evading dust of settling

Vain hopefulness turns weather crow 'round
Conjuring up necessary resistance to passing storms

Time together a transfusion
A love that keeps you warm

Sound of silence

Modern living presents 
Small portrait-sized
Black-mirror windows
Into foreign lands 
Full of pop wisdom
Highs like sherbet sticks
Rainbows that fade soon as
We hit the power button

We are not bound up in pixels
Love hearts, thumbs up
To bow your neck
Squint though fingerprints
Smile lingers only a moment

I give you sunrise and sunsets
Wishing stones falling through
Lapping waves glistening
Paw prints and hellos

I give you the awkward moments
When I realise I poured my heart out
You received it willingly
I am silent in thankfulness

I hold my breath waiting
For you to speak
Exhaled step by step 
Cadence of time together
Waiting for one another
In the sound of silence