Terra forma

Give me a solid rock to cling to
I will not stray from
Its foundation
Build a home upon
Its firm terrace
Until then I float
Looking upwards
To the sky
Taking turbulent rapids
With courage
Until I land on river bend
Becoming a platform
For those sinking
To cling to
View from kunanyi

Sunset glow

We gift one another
Ample breathing space
To stretch the heavens
And earth between
Our waists
To render our thorn
Incapable of harm
Life as eternal summer
Soft shadow of looks
Cast behind us
Carry the weight
Of expectations
Where does your caravan
Take you, chasing sunsets?
In our sundowning years
Will we hold on
Till each a feather?
Strength yours to mine
Tussling fine fair heads
Offspring of better dreams
Each day carefully measured
From blink to downy rest
Smiles spark inhaling
Lines of chatter
Cascading like glitter
Observe the many watchful ways
I notice your sunlight
From within
Bask in it

A brush with love

I know now with clarity 
That looking back affords
How beautiful the night
When I wanted to be yours

I know now with certainty
Chain reaction of emotion
Catapults my life
Beyond debris of an explosion

I know now with compassion
The path laid out behind
A shared choice for us
Out of love for our kind

I know with creativity
The pictures in my mind
Painted with colours of
Courage you helped me find

I know now with confidence
The downpour from above
Came not from vulnerability
A rare brush with real love
View of kunanyi from Geilston Bay, lutruwita / Tasmania

O Christmas Tree

Hello my ancient friend
May I place yet another
Hand on your leg?
Will you spill all secrets
In this brief meeting?
How you thrived
Thousands of adoring
Visitors while growing
Silently, unnoticed
Our footsteps heralded
By birdsong
We celebrate the girth
Of your waist
While post-luncheon
Walkers remark on
New year's resolutions
Aimed at winding back
Time and growth
Of their appearance
It must seem
Very primitive thinking
To such a wise one
Of your worth
The Octopus Tree on kunanyi, Mt Wellington Tasmania