Latent offerings
In seeds thousands
Of years old
Gifting us with
Time capsule
In flower now
Coveted secrets
Love long-held
Won or spurned
Walks with strut
On city streets
Still hopeful hides
In country towns
Here is my flower
On show socials
Screens, streets
Cafe cakes movies
Magic roundabouts
Lit up like spaceship
Everywhere gifts
Of love like
In hands and lips
Smooth as silk
One long missed
Rarest flower
Blooms behind glass
On show, set apart
Seeds never sown
On her own hearing
You are loved

Book Fetish

Under covers 
Slide between sheets
Fingers fondle
Turn a new leaf

Entering into
Worlds unseen
Stars in eyes
Hold and breathe

Drama unfolding
Pushing bounds
Reality dissolves
Dreams are found

Singers bellow
Dancers twirl
Look no further
Bookish girls

The end

Source: Journal ~ 2015

Affection for a close companion
Can grow should a spark
Be fanned into flame
- if a spark existed at all

So yes, I could reasonably 
Imagine growing 
Attracted to someone 
Based on a mutual friendship
Over a long period of time.
Good looks and physique
Have never been 
A precursor to attraction 
For me

I am mindful of the heart
Of another
- this is all I see 
On the skin and face
The smile and eyes
Come from within 

For the sake of joy
To preserve 
my future life and family
Shortly, my desire to live

I remembered what love 
Ought to feel like.
A careless abandon
That let go of

This ignited in me
A fire that can never
Be put out


Keeping you at arms length
While holding on to life
Silence so you'll never hear
The danger and the strife

One day V day will arrive
And in your arms I'd fall
To stand on every corner
Friends and family and all

When sheltered under door frame
To avoid roof falling in
Imagining a life with you
A fantasy we're in

Like stepping through a cupboard
Into frozen landscape bare
Meeting little furry friends
Sweet treats if you dare

The realm of fiction is complete
With swords and battles too
But surely it's the safest way
That I can be with you?

Both sides now

When the shoe fits
On the other foot
A new perspective
Holding on edge
Of her world

Every time we meet
In the public eye
I wonder whether
The luckiest am I

Every time we see
Another night
I wonder whether
The last sight

Every time we hear
The same old songs
I wonder whether
They're ever wrong

Every time we lie
Wanting nothing
I wonder whether
Love we bring can

Let it be

Love like

A blossom tree
Budding growing
Willing knowing
When warmth
Comes upon
The breeze
Still sudden
Frosts sleet
Winds beat
Against tender
Shoots and leaves
Making parade
Confetti admire
For a day
Blown away
Too few fruit
For feathered
Friends greet
Instead reside
In cool shade
Till we meet
And bloom again
At winter's end
Cherry blossom