Love like

Snow melt
Held captive
Many months
First a cadence
Overtaken by rivulets
Tracing their way
Through frozen caps
Underneath shimmering
Carving out
New landscapes
Courses join hands
Tumble to the sea
Cast out in pale blues
Foamy white curls
Atop mountain dew waves
Processing through
Daffodil mouths open
Corridors of new life rise
As if never seen before
Or again by these eyes

All things

You were all things to me
Breathing air seeing none
You meant the whole world
Revolving the sun
Reliving lost dreams
That fled once awake
Exploring new ground
No claiming a stake
Imagining lives
We never would live
Biding our time
For someone to give
kunanyi / Mt Wellington, lutruwita / Tasmania

By an inch

Tell her that you love her
If not with words
Any other thing
Without a doubt
Most important
Need to know
Life or death
By an inch
Holding one
Away from cliff
Sudden drop away
To vast ocean
Of loneliness
Tell her simply
For vast open sky
Meets horizon
High and deep
Where love consumes
Our solitude
We float away
To worlds unknown
kunanyi / Mt Wellington