Coal face

Headlamp leading footsteps downward
Air thick with an Impenetrable skin
Seams of black unzipped
Precious compacted life
Of million years scarred
Set ablaze in minutes

Living beings coal face
Tends to 12 score beached
Generations breeching
Cool skin of sea
Final resting shore
Years combined between
Ages of whales reach
Thousands ever since
50 million years ago
Our meddling unseen

Sitting with cool tears
Echoing words pouring
Into my ears
Frontier human carrying
Reverberate through
My body like funeral
Rhythym yet still
My heart is beating
For the innocent
Plight of the whales
Putting all our cries
Into mere proportion
Considering the noise
Of their calls
Each to each
Upon passing
Surge waylaid
Swell or manmade?

On the bow

Her face rides out front
Body carved by artisan
Not a live one steps foot
Lest to say farewell
Till return to homeland
Her likeness revealing
The love of artist heart
Like a woman of dreaming
Unreal onboard
Writing home to her
Every single day
Or some piece to hold onto
As tide carries me away
Carved wooden piece from Svenor’s figurehead, wrecked Newcastle 1914. Donor Alistair Gibson. ~ Maritime Museum of Tasmania