In the land of Oz 
I've walked these streets 
Paved with gold
Priceless wares

Federation facades 
Heritage shades
Inked pinked bodies
Stand out boldly

A heart grows fearless
Sitting in places
Undeserving spaces
Unfamiliar faces

Speaking into the chasm
People's lives unfolding
In one moment 
Tones waves uniting

That heroic soul
So rare and pure
Timid and unsure
Held open the door


Fragile and bound for posterity
Our parallel narratives
Collided for a time
Drank in like wine
Left us sobering
Waiting for the next flight
To anywhere
Warm blooded memories
Remain and regain
Lost ground in love's
Demilitarized zone

Rejoice, I have a home
Cosy on the shelf
With volumes of unspoken prose
Sing it in the street
Chanting,'who will keep me now?'

Lost love archives
Dust off faulty pride
And bloom in hidden rooms
As night lights glow
Smelling her sweet perfume
Faint air of blossoms
Sting of nettles
Scent of leaves
Fluttering freely

Rain is coming
Shelter in with me
until the weather
turns us round again