Narcissus’ touch

Tell me, dear friend
Cool lover
So full
Of us and potential
Do you only love
For what you might
Obtain from such
A warm and generous
Soul denying
A sacrificial kind
You will humbly assist
With their purpose
In life?
No greater love
Than one who
Forsakes (you for)
River Derwent, Tasmania

In my mind

In my mind 
We meet secretly
On the hidden stairwell
In the evening
Where I can hold
A hug for longer
Evading prying glance

In my mind
We go everywhere
On the hidden trail
In the wilderness
Where I can hold
A breath for longer
Exaling view entranced

To be alone
With you
In my mind
Little Howrah Beach, Hobart Tasmania


Downy white hairs 
Kissing your cheek
Lines hugging face
Curves cling to waist

My eyes wrap round
Your whole being
Love who you are
In every possible way

A painter poised
Dips nib on palette
Tenderly caresses
Curves and shades

From whispers
To grand gestures
Silence fills blank space
What's left unsaid

Presence like a guest 
Stepping backwards
Canvas a kaleidoscope
Never erased

To be…

Grace me your presence 
I'll show gratitude
With woven keepsakes
Letters penned with
Nervous fingers
Eyes squinting through
Brave smiles
Tinged with tears
Their worth on earth
Compared to the hours
Spent deliberating
From conception
To delivery
So many gifts
Not borne
Out of propriety
Cakes pretending to be
Bouquets of flowers
Dates quiet candle lit
Bars of mirrors
Flowing golden liquid
In glass walled shrines
Escaping the haste
To a yellow cottage
On the coast
With nothing but
A bottle, a book
And ourselves
Dreams that teach me
Who I am
To be

Love that keeps you warm

Finest ink bleeds in time with percussive beats
Knowing well each drop more precious than gold

Unlike the burst of black cloud shrouding fear
Tentacles shooting across infested waters

Knowing where to find the spark for perpetuity
A lifeline in veins of penned prose

Splayed in restless phrases seeking
To be absorbed by stark gaze

On the pure chance her and I might be the same
Apart from desire to pour presence into silence

Stand fast like a tidal wall as passing rush
Tsunami crawls back to capacious sea

Entranced with affect, she pours into me veritable
Encyclopedia of past dreams evading dust of settling

Vain hopefulness turns weather crow 'round
Conjuring up necessary resistance to passing storms

Time together a transfusion
A love that keeps you warm