How it feels

To know you deeply 
By life experience

How it feels
To lift someone up
On your shoulders
Only to be pushed down
Bury me standing

How it feels
To be kept in shadows
Of a gas giant
Evading their orbiting moons
Enabling their gravity
To destroy all
In your path

This is not me
This is not you
Circling Jupiter
Late discovered
What if we found
Each other too soon?

Wait patiently
For orbits to lock
So to know
How it feels
For life to revolve
Around you

A brush with love

I know now with clarity 
That looking back affords
How beautiful the night
When I wanted to be yours

I know now with certainty
Chain reaction of emotion
Catapults my life
Beyond debris of an explosion

I know now with compassion
The path laid out behind
A shared choice for us
Out of love for our kind

I know with creativity
The pictures in my mind
Painted with colours of
Courage you helped me find

I know now with confidence
The downpour from above
Came not from vulnerability
A rare brush with real love
View of kunanyi from Geilston Bay, lutruwita / Tasmania

Fire season

Barely recovered
Just one glass
Sparked a flame
Wild rampaging
When you walked

Strangely tended
Just one face
Lingers all night
Soothed, tamed
Falling rains
Common Brown Heteronympha merope (Fabricus)*

*Butterflies of Tasmania, Tasmanian Field Naturalists Club Inc. 1994.