In the harvest moon
Gathering in treasure
From earth’s bed
Storing up long winter

Sometimes applied
To endearing friends
Just as the chill
Sits heavy on mountain

Ringed peak
Like dormant volcano
Absorbing peach sunrise
As ancient desert rock

Sky tinged with frost
Reminiscent golden
Long summer days
Glinting in eye

Love’s storehouse
Slips through fingers
Like shiny coins
Offered to buy freedoms

In a time of plenty
Store and save
Simple pleasures
For long dark days

A treasure is she
Whose girth rings
Pale in comparison
Wise watching over me

Bruny Island lutruwita / Tasmania

Love like

An aviary
A warm unassuming place
Resting among
Like feathered friends
An open door
To the sky
Admired for a whole array
Of vibrant colours
Soft embrace
Hiding under
Ruffled feathers
Smoothed by momentary
Saving grace
Housekeeping covers over
Communal mess forgave
Late night banter
Turns hiding eyes
Into morning wonder
Respite from furred
Early warnings
Chorus of song
Greets early risers
Refrain unending
Oft recited
Many lifetimes
Lived long

Boarding party

The art of detecting
Always on the lookout
For one who gives freely
Permission to pop in
Seems to know intuitively
A weekend is free
Calls on lonely lunch break
Just to squeeze it in
Conversation starter
Halts but never really ends
Rescues end of week
With a glass of best red
If followed by few more
There’s always a spare bed
No matter how many
Months between
We pick up where we left
Though many held and cherished
Know love is a true friend

I would rather

Be poor and in love
Living on tea and vegies

Hear love sing out loud
Than make up songs about it

Live in a yurt fancy free
Than find a home without you

Stay, wait and wonder
Than solo sail world round

See your face again
Than know everything about you

Close my eyes and count to ten
Than hide in the dark to be found

To learn of love

Vast eye in the sky
Long lashes in clouds
Tells me all I learned
From love

How to sing
Sonnets day long
While silent

Gently playing
Vinyl rotating
Turn a trite saying
Into midnight devotion

How to be singular
In constant conversation
With absent lover

Find common ground
With old objects
Of affection

A face blushed
Shining for another
Telling what one
Is capable of

Existing in skin
No trading it in
A lifetime lived
In imagination

To wake with dawn
Cradle in arms
A babe of newborn

Spirit of content
Breathes within
While flotsam
Swirl, slip downstream

Whispers and gossip
Trade ways to leave
Such thoughts here
Are homeless

There body aches
No explanation
Tall tales begging
To leave again

Love well taught
Who saddles
Dark mountain

Endless Summers

Multiple intelligence

Tells me she's leading
Highways and byways
Rivulets and streams
By foot or wheels
In sideways sleet
Drifting drizzle
Glistening on hair

All my days I'd travel
Endless concentric circles
Just to rest upon
The place where
We meet next time
Only by fate

For to say these
Endless words to ears
Would mean what
Southern Summer days
Do carelessly
We wake up
Suddenly to

More beautiful
For being rare
And unaware
How deeply missed
Long to travel
Over hemisphere
To find her again


Teasing a whisper trail
Covering over a lifetime
He said, she said
Cellists make good lovers
As she hugs her legs
Round the portly shape
Smooth timbre of hips
Vibrating sullenly
As boozy fingers
Re-member how to be
When eyes hone in
These beams come down
Onto me from the sky
A place I can never climb
So I evacuate from
The bottom rung
Sink my toes into
Mounds of moss
Lichen it grows
On me like you
Hidden shape teases
Behind a silk wave
Hiding her face
When I try to take
Her picture