Grey sky

As easy as it shone
Summer is over
Long nights are gone
Behind closed lids
New leaf tips arise
Bulbs push above
The memory never dies
Else we delight
In each day
And every season
Even rains fall
All year round
Eyes like the sky
After a storm
Mine clear
Yours clouded
Goodnight grey sky
See you in the morning

Mare Nostrum

Lead me out gingerly
Tip toe on silken waves
Embedded with shed
Homes of crustaceans
Talking about homeless
A baby boomer
Teaches me patience
Let the body loose
Long as peripheral
System shuts down
From the chill
Conversation warms
To the gills
We wade, smiling
Two women who flew
South to nest
At twenty eight
Hardly recovered
Making friends
Everywhere we went
Till we swim again
Be well

Terra forma

Give me a solid rock to cling to
I will not stray from
Its foundation
Build a home upon
Its firm terrace
Until then I float
Looking upwards
To the sky
Taking turbulent rapids
With courage
Until I land on river bend
Becoming a platform
For those sinking
To cling to
View from kunanyi

Don’t try

Don't try to close
The blinds on night sky
As new dawn breaks
No need to ferry clouds
Into silver lined
Pockets on pyjamas
While dreams dissipate
Fruitless picking
Strawberry fields
Wandering eyes
In the darkness
Simply pose salutation
As ever-revolving sun
Rises far beyond
Cabbage White Pieris rapae (Linnaeus)