One thing I know

I know this
Life is swings
and roundabouts
May you have
Someone you can
Walkabout with
Yarning at night
Treating you right
Depend upon
In any way
Every day

Know them
One to another
By the feathers
We wear
With love

Love like

A new puppy
A longing overcomes
Subtly over time
Then suddenly undone

Sleepless nights
Frequent walks
Accidental strife
Adorable, warm

A love not chosen
Like a spell cast
Wooing bright eyes
Mesmerised at last

I'll walk my love
Down every street
Doggy park
Beach retreat

Nodding at fellow
Lovers off leash
Tied to feelings

Feeling responsible
For daily care
Falling asleep
Nestled in there

Such is the way
Of owning your own
Falling in love
Who knew?

To willing friends and sea room

Raise a toast
Majestic friends
Beautiful strangers
At land's end

Float freely
Sail your course
Sending care
Light, flags, morse

How to tell
Land loving one
Radio silence
Air waves none

Hand me nothing
On silver platters
Cosy toes friends
Nothing else matters

Sometime a certain
Happenstance lingers
Peels off layers
Slips through fingers

Dignity to watch
Unravelling reveal
More willing heart
A moment to steal