We are not a muse

Can I see one more time
Says the bee to belle
Taking temperature tells
It is not this hot in May
Ask simply
How can one live
Without the glimpse
Of her inner world
There is nothing at all
For a muse to do
But be oneself
Share but a small
Dose of delight
An open veil
When she trails
With my thoughts
Tailing behind
As I watch
Looking up
For once
In my life
Epacris impressa

Photo credit: Emma Haynes

The undoing

Bowl of red roses
One thorn
Field of clover
One bee
Picnic in grove
One ant
Sleeping dogs lie
One flea

Magnanimous reply
One word
Deep belly sigh
One spurn
Long tanned thigh
One burn

One yearns to turn
A blind eye
To all the ones
That lead to our
If we erase
One line
How delightful
It would be

Pairing down
All nature's will
To living without
One penetrating
Would deprive us
Of so many
Beautiful things

Dance till we drop

One by one 
Memories come
As first drops lightly
Before a lavishing

At once dissipating
On parched broken land
Then blanket covering
Moving sun's dwelling
Into hiding

Between them both
Daylight quench thirst
One without the other
No dancing dresses
Come out

Parched tongues dip
Into warm clear springs
Going underground
To yield every colour
Known to the eye

Above and below
Bed of growth
Light touch sows
Till sun retires
Dewdrop gathers
For next bow
In the sky
Dianella tasmanica Tasmanian flax lily. Rosny, lutruwita / Tasmania.

Love crush

Think you're flying free
But really, attached
Just learning
To spread wings

Until when
One touch
Caving in
Any thought
Of leaving

Instead sowing seeds
Raising up anew
In case we meet
Caleana Major – large flying duck orchid. Kingston lutruwita / Tasmania.

Lights out

So spine tingling
Knuckle gripping
Pillow hugging
Daze eyed drinking
Hard when comes time
To realise the dream
Is not real
We will wake
Whenever we're ready
Or else stay


A flighty little meeting
Sitting in the eaves
Between two blush breasted
Birds tending nests
Pip the willow wicks
Between their beaks
Stripped ready for next
Round of eggs to brood

Starling, like me
Cannot live alone
Dedicated to keeping
Warm prickled skin
As feathers come in
Giving out always
Longing to take warmth

Can I call you?
Darling, dear?
Babe, beautiful one
Eyes like heavens above
Always mothering
Pieces of me changed
Blood runs through forever
Changed by love
Looking through mirror
Can you see
Scars formed catching
Those fallen from nest
Now they are free
So are we


How appropriate a word
Cuteness pervades the look of it
Sound dances on the lips
Dazed awe
Paralysis of mind
Body and soul
A heavy weight like a Great Dane
Sitting on your chest
Lying by your side
With a big heavy paw
Holding you down
Not fighting it
Only getting up
To eat and carry out
Most necessary duties
If I must
So as not to disturb
The dreamlike state
Once bitten, twice high
No other word describes
Smitten by the sight
Of you

Singing the sundown

Everything is going
The same way as the sun
Round and round
Counting its days
Swinging up and down
Lamenting the place
It puts us on the
Dark frozen days
Wishing to be near
To warm us
Knowing it prevents
The wonderland
From freezing over
At your time of year
If all I had were lips
I would speak a warm fire
Into existence
Warm frosted toes
Hold them in the glow
Resurrect solar flares
For the night
Singing up the sunrise
Whistling pot of coffee
Sing song greeting
To all little creatures
Singing lips till supper
Until yours meet me

At last

Pipped at the post
Some laugh, some say
Could have pushed it
On the straight

On last legs
Witty repartee
No breath for words
Opponents parade

No quick comeback
Nor clever with hands
The aim in my shoot
Like rubber bands

My gait's not long
Nor is it fast
When race days over
Can I come last?