Hearth stone

Are you guarded
Do you tread lightly?
Would you rather fly
Than be grounded
Forever seeking freedom
Are there threads
Caught between you
Lovers never left behind
Ripples gather round
Only light cast for miles
To reflect beauty
To passersby
Are you high above?
I burn below slowly
Keep heavy hearth stone
Warm if ever you might
Land beside me


If one can find the doorway
That leads into the zone
Where friendships rise
Past loves hide
No one's on their own
Invite as many people
In your life
As it could hold
Keep the journey secret
Don't tell them where it goes
In a quiet corner there
I'll watch the spectacle
With joy and jubilation
To bring life into my home

Love like

Two sides of one heart
One taking me in
Another letting me go
Sending life flowing
All around me
Until day is spent
Finding its way
Her chamber open
Receiving all of me
To be revived
Then sent out
Once again
Syncopating rhythm
Inside of me
A divide between
Echo in my ears
Both loves beat
As long as I live

A better lover

Wind teases hair
Discards garments
On the ground
Sprawling helpless
Disperses seeds
Far and wide
Like long lost family

Until sun's rays coax
Out of hiding
Bask in her glow
Only know how deeply
Gratitude can grow
After feeling how chill
To miss you

Falling softly

Heart wants what it wants
Wide open mouth
River swallowed by the sea
Jaw falls open gaping
As head inclines
Leafy fingers entwine
Above me holding canopy
Sun winks through
Dappled blinds
Wondering what you'd say
Standing next to me
Whispers imaginary
As the hush of waves
Soothes the craving
Cliffs falling in
Finally retired
To lie on soft bed
Far beneath
Derwent River from Bellerive, lutruwita / Tasmania