Love is all you need

In the hey daze they believed
Love is all you need
Offspring of starched
Apron generation
A leaf out of a book
Cruel to be kind
Post migration
Preceded by a silent
- Exclamation -

All we see is HMV
Flapper dress hair
Glitz and flare
Through movies eyes
We hypnotize
My conflagration
Of X, Y's, Z's and I
Digital pinnacle to climb
Steadily insisting
We are living in
Unprecented times
This is my generation

Seeking inspiration
With glowing eyes
Yet the sweetest find
Is in your smile
Portrait by Lily Allport ~ Artists of Tasmania.

Poignant parting

We each have new beginnings
New seasons to
Leap and lie
Bow, lament
Rise and start again

Consider the sunbleached
Bronzed, beautiful
Beckoning blue
Sea and sky

Like a lover's high
Riding waves
Salt water bouyancy

Yet one day
White caps on the bay
Forcing its way
On the rocks

All endings unpleasant
Never a parting
Without pain
Is that the reason, though

To never start again?
When we can be held
Through that passage
Of time and inspire

Years attended by
Watched over with
The one who would never miss
Being in the moment
With you

House by the sea

Such a happy circumstance
To wind and reel in
Making it easy for you
To catch your tea

I would sit inside bay window
Watching a vinyl record
Revolve like my small world
On repeat

The safety of familiar tunes
Singing a harmony
Clawing fingers through
A shag pile rug

Life seems lovely
Until the wind and storms
Batter the front
Waves dare to sweep away

All I need is a cabin
A cosy corner bed
With lamp and books
Leather chair

A place to curl my toes
Sip tea and powder nose
The best view I could find
Would be with you inside
Hinsby beach, Taroona ~ overlooking River Derwent, lutruwita / Tasmania

No eye dear

Placing one pair
Of bird watching
Inside the cap
Of a navy hat
The dichotomy
Of my life
In a cardboard box
To move again
Another new start
This one makes ten

I recall the power
Of words
And silence
Both can make
You laugh
Or cry
Both can be used
As weapons
Or protection

So I look keenly
Through looking glass
At feathered friends
Deserving our attention

While hiding away
To collect
Dust and mites
Gold braid
Felt and thread
That hold together
Of a time
When men were blind

If only I understood
That my words
Held power
Over you
I would use it
For good
To say only
I love you
If I could


The crack in the wall
Glowing bright
In the darkness
Of a moonless night

Slipstream taking us
To other worlds
Dark overlords

Time stands still
On this side
While senses ride
Down cavernous divide

Only one
In multiple galaxies
With loyal friend
Can evade its tricks

Old timey-wimey thing
Keeps pushing
The big button
To Who knows where

Do you dare or
Do I dare?
Come with me
Home in time
For tea