Shopping list

First thing to add is a packet of self-respect

To this, all other ingredients can be added

Then, take the junk food out of the bag

Leave it unless kindness is a preservative

No silent treatment 

Shut downs, let downs, broken promises

These are carcinogens

The cheap things on the list

Will cost you the most 

In the long run

If we ingest words, touch, treatment

Only take away the best

You are worth it

A gourmet nutritious spread

Of generosity 

Don’t shove down anything else

Wreak havoc with your insides

Because humans have basic needs

And love is one of them



It's hard to hold
Your heart open
When hurt
So many times

Chorus of advisors
Do they see
Gladness and sadness
A two toned coin

Flipped like a dime
Upon our partings
And meetings wondering
If you'll be mine?

Evidence inscrutable
Writing my way
Into your long term
Memory as a melody

Played out into
Our old ages
Something to sing to
On grey inside days

Mine a vinyl record
Its arm revolves
To quiet my soul
'Don't walk away'

Dreaming place

Last night I had
A stranger's dream
Just like the night before
We moved from islands
Through to lovers
I rested on your shore
All the times
We floated freely
Sore each other
Till tides refrain
Storms between
Each hurricane
A woman's name
When really
We are peace
It's the pressure
From all around us
That suspends us
Mid air with pieces
Of our lives
Passing before eyes
One day we meet
In the centre
Marvel at the power
Of nature
Our place in it
Sandy bay

Love like

Snow melt
Held captive
Many months
First a cadence
Overtaken by rivulets
Tracing their way
Through frozen caps
Underneath shimmering
Carving out
New landscapes
Courses join hands
Tumble to the sea
Cast out in pale blues
Foamy white curls
Atop mountain dew waves
Processing through
Daffodil mouths open
Corridors of new life rise
As if never seen before
Or again by these eyes


All senses speak to me
In the deafening silence
Not loved like
You ought to be
Left too long without
Tend and treating
Hidden among spotted leaf
My intention to drip
Feed love daily
Repaid by observing bloom
Only known pain
If I cannot hold
Breathe in perfume
Before you hide again
Daily dose until renewed