Here be dragons

Mine is a joy of colour
Burned in my brain
So brightly borne
On night forlorn
I hardy seem the same

A name so entrancing
It fair evades the jest
The sound of it
Steeps pride within
Its brush long stood the test

Spent many a day observing
The detail in its grain
To widen gaze
A spellbound daze
Defies grande window pane

Blue as the sky opens, timely
Cool as the vast southern sea
Ancient creatures
Surely teach us
How humans ought to be

Wise as blue whale roaming
Fear kraken, now mythical beast
When power and lust
Turn forests to dust
Here be dragons, man unleashed
Painted cliffs, Maria Island, Tasmania


Kin in every respect 
Yet face another way
To ask you to turn
In my direction
Would be unfair
To ask you
To uproot
Give up seaview
I never would
As close as I can
With my back to you
Moments we claimed
Need never erase
Share light, warmth
Shelter and shade
Feathered guests
Build nests
In our minds

Of scales and wings

Silent and stealthy
Master of patience
Winged wanderers
Lie in wait
Footsteps to evade
Mesmerising artist
Highest peak of nature
Study of scales
In momentary flight
To seek her beauty
To accept a life
As a maiden in waiting
For next season arrive
As age wearies
The watcher
She is forever young
Dawning metamorphosis
Her daily wisdom
Touted to stop
Smell the flowers
Force of wings
A breath forms
Tidal waves over horizon
One moment pure rapture
The next moment


Incantations of solitude
Splayed all over
Iridescent pages
Wiped by finger wand
In an instant

Sweet torment of longing
For deeper waters
Treading still
Yet running
In ruminations

Creatures lurk
Prod and pull
At my toes
Envious of airborne
View below treetops

A curtain moves
Lights fade
My heart gallops
At the notion
A bond could not
Be saved
Tinderbox view to Bruny Island

Southern front

Flying in formation 
I admire commitment
To one another
Through all weathers
Looking to the heavens
For inspiration
Direction finding
Decision laden
Feather-like mine
Wondering where
You're flying
Shelter within
Together while
Wind and storm rage
Our souls tied
Calms the storm
Cape Barren Geese on Maria Island, Tasmania