Great question

Hemmed between two women
Whose adventures stitch
Threads of images along
Fraying edges of mine
Covering the great expanse
Down to the particles
Of origin and earthly existence
Power couple like moons rotating in orbit
Planet like sinking ship
They floatation devices
To cling to
As we abandon our scripts
Play ad lib on stringed instruments
With salt lapping at
Our noses
I admire their smiles
As warmth in my belly
Dissolves the awkward
Moments when she
Materialises in scene
A simple equation
A square root not threes
The answer lies with me

Watershed moment

All polished performance of lyric
Chime like a babbling brook
Met in my ears by
Sweeping deep ocean current
Esteemed verse lost in extremes
On all appearances
A sunlit icecap
Underneath glacial still
Torrents melting
Surging along with inevitable flow
Not knowing where to go
Whether to land
On quiet shores again
Carried in resignation
North where steel blue
Moves into folds
Of turquoise, yellow
Above bright coral
Skirts lying on sandy knees
Though carrying within
Long memory
Pieces of unseen life
Held south willingly
Hostage to elements
How many seasons till
Released from heavenly grip
Fresh burst rush of spring
Melts into arms
Of tropical current
Gentle curl round
Rest on shores
All wings now spawn
A flowery mix
Of cool and warm

Bona fide

In one evening
Two sets of eyes
Survey the same
Stretch of sky
One an explosion
Two a dot to dot
Three love sign
Four the afterlife
Five a way of life
Six fine dining price
Seven a lover's canopy
Under tent screen
Complete with fire
Wet boots steam
Four feet entwine
From our observatory
Of the mind
Do we believe in us?


All excuses accepted 
Needlessly offered
For any incongruous
Moments between us

A flash gordon vision
Scifantasy addiction
Concocting subtle reasons
Why you might not
Say something

Give up anticipating
Meaning making
Stories whirlpool
Shimmy down curl wave
White foam spray

Just to taste
Another sun baked day
Flitting time away
Waiting for us
To be brave

We daughter dears
Stick together
Even when eons
Separate us
Across a mere chasm

There is no 'if'
As satellite images
Reveal a great expanse
Only imagined
In writers' dreams

Light years speak
To us when we open
Our eyes at night
Inspired by the same
Sights nearby

Galaxies spiral
Size of a tear drop
Meet me at the next stop?
Always reminding
To be loving you dearly

Wall garden

Pink Floyd drilled into me
In flagrant courthouse
Walls not meant for people
People not meant for walls
How many people did it take
How many shoulders climbed
For me to rise up
Brick by brick
Strength and grit not mine
Spending months surveying cracks
To push through other side
If only you had mentioned
The view above divine

Miss my heart

Swatch is ticking on
In retro fashion
Though heart skips
Seconds as if lingering
On the one beat
That you appeared

Though I feel it
In my bones
Your salty kisses
Sting my eyes
Leave no trace
Of colour

I am grey
Though speckled
Hundreds and thousands
All over my insides
Melting freckles

Tulip bells open wide
Silk lips reaching
For the sky
While my ruminating
Mind runs circles
Round repetitive
Stitching fingers
Weaving long nights
Of sleeplessness
Round thick blanket
Of contentment
To wear you like
A garment

Empty minute hand
Counting down
Days, hours
Till my heart
Misses again


Straddling the line
Between wake and dream
Endless streams
Of thought behind
As eyes open wide
Curled, startled inside
To face four walls
Laden with grey
Fringed with pics of wings
To ease into the day
I wrap my arms round
She stares up to sky
Kiss her forehead
Happy cry
Frazey pipes in to
Make it seem
I am ready to live
My waking dream