Terra Firma



Down well-trodden trail
a chasm opens beneath
gazing down dreamily
the worlds of ancients meet
look down at all the hours and days
the rhymes, signs and verses
words and tokens exchanged
between us
The earth envelopes it
cast down to what lies beneath
all those endless numbered days
those staunch and bending ways
Now only soft firm ground lies
sighs gingerly between my feet
abundance of life groans
all around me
but yet I am still and quiet
longing for tomorrow once more


Featured image: Twig Bench by Alexia Wedding on Pinterest

Dearest Hope

I hope…

keep yourself from feeling

resentment at my leaving you

here, my dearest.

It is joyous to depart,

do not let sadness taint

the inevitable start

to a “new” day.

Do not hold it against Him,

let comfort cover you

and soften the impact

you feel after free-fall.

It will save you, bruised not broken.

I am nothing but

a haunted house

occupied by a Ghost

that keeps all others out.

I fear it not, for it dispels all fears

– the hate and the fight –

it lets in the light through darkened shutters,

breaks down inhabitable disguise.

I stare into your face

no mask, of self – a trace,

an empty broken shell

awaiting to be whole

and filled with life anew.

No cold, hard, barren ground,

broken fossils incomplete

no slowly sinking mound

weathered turf, carved concrete,

chiselled words standing proud.


Within one heart rests humanity, whole –

my only other hope is you are there

once you too, are grown and old.

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Light a candle for yourself

My dreams never betrayed me

It was the daytime that I fought

Erasing words I did not say

Discarding others’ thoughts

You know a hand could never hope

to live without their arm

An arm never fights

without a hand to disarm

I dampened end of fingers

extinguished the ill-lit wick

But faith and hope lit another flame

Its scent won’t make us sick.

I know you must despise it

All my words and songs and stares

Like bitter herbs, resent the taste

But brings us heavenly wares.

Fallout Shelter


Caught a glimpse of your soul

And crawled inside
A safe place to hide
Kept fed, warm and dry
Loved and faithful abide
Picked up out of the rain
Time and again
Cocooned from outside
Another lost one to find
Where comforts are few
Instead, I’d always find you.
Inside I heard your heart beating
The words repeating
Both begging that old ways
Be dead and gone
We felt nothing wrong.