Fallout Shelter


Caught a glimpse of your soul

And crawled inside
A safe place to hide
Kept fed, warm and dry
Loved and faithful abide
Picked up out of the rain
Time and again
Cocooned from outside
Another lost one to find
Where comforts are few
Instead, I’d always find you.
Inside I heard your heart beating
The words repeating
Both begging that old ways
Be dead and gone
We felt nothing wrong.

Pieced together

It was as if a happier place existed

Geographically removed
From the seaborne blues
That swept our lives
And loved ones away
There is no respite from events
They carried on living and breathing
In our minds reenacted, even resolved
In our dreams..
Words such as ‘trigger’ held
Different meanings here
In this broken state they became one
But individually, completely undone
It is a necessary drawl to share
Whatever their minds have prepared
In the week since they last met
Whether triumph or despair
Friendships quickly tarnish
Like a silver teapot from the burden
Of incessant hospitality –
They could no longer see themselves
In the shine of each other’s eyes.
The warmth of the tea turns bitter cold
On their lips after a long-winded session
Of one-upmanship.