Terra Firma



Down well-trodden trail
a chasm opens beneath
gazing down dreamily
the worlds of ancients meet
look down at all the hours and days
the rhymes, signs and verses
words and tokens exchanged
between us
The earth envelopes it
cast down to what lies beneath
all those endless numbered days
those staunch and bending ways
Now only soft firm ground lies
sighs gingerly between my feet
abundance of life groans
all around me
but yet I am still and quiet
longing for tomorrow once more


Featured image: Twig Bench by Alexia Wedding on Pinterest

To my girl

girlHaving friends like these
Makes it good to be alive

Once a loved one burdened
Me with my life

Ever since I doubted
Was I made for strife?

My worth upon this earth
Is not mother or a wife

A helper and completer
For those grafted to the vine

All these inner longings
Are a gift from God divine

Now my little angel, rest
Until the day is fine

All your gifts and hugs to give
I’ll gladly take as mine

—————————-Photo by Alexander Shustov

Companions on the Journey

I don’t have the strength to carry

I’ll walk beside, stride and leap

I’ve been up this way before

and I know the path is steep

If the darkness overwhelms you

take comfort in One and all

who are ready here to steady you

and would hate to see you fall.


The higher up the mountain, the more treacherous the path.


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Slay me down

There is a name of one

who is my kryptonite

upon utterance all my defences

fall down I cower and return

to my world of torment

The name is secret to all but few

Forever in fear that the name be known

that all will utter it seemingly innocently

and take me down

revengeful, resentful, trust in few

Is it you?

Used to be


Used to be that

Every time I saw you

I walked away and cried

From the tone in your voice

The way you raised your eye

The whisper on your breath

You thought you could deny

Used to be that

Every time I saw you

I caught you in a lie

hints and blunt suggestion

Words like bricks would fly

But now i never cry

Since i stood my ground

And took my aim

And drew pistols at fifty paces

And shot the crooked lie

Here I’ve hung it out to dry.



dark matter gravitates

Towards our centre

Words swirl in disarray

Endlessly meditate

Fullness of weight

She doesn’t need you

He doesn’t want to see you

She doesn’t care

He has no time to spare

She has other friends

He says you’re full on

She thinks you’re just wrong

His other lover returned

Words heard but spurned

Silence consumes like a black hole.


Then stars are flung endlessly 

Like the force of creation

At the sound of those words

I care

You are there.