Terra Firma


Down well-trodden trail
a chasm opens beneath
gazing down dreamily
the worlds of ancients meet
look down at all the hours and days
the rhymes, signs and verses
words and tokens exchanged
between us
The earth envelopes it
cast down to what lies beneath
all those endless numbered days
those staunch and bending ways
Now only soft firm ground lies
sighs gingerly between my feet
abundance of life groans
all around me
but yet I am still and quiet
longing for tomorrow once more


Featured image: Twig Bench by Alexia Wedding on Pinterest


I carried a scarlet cross for her

Dark as His blood

I held it high for the sake of my

Own dearest love

I heard the men I’d never marry

Judge with words in haste

Waiting for His tender mercy

As tears melt on my face

The witness of a cowering woman

Weighs nothing in this prose

The blood of the martyrs

Feeds the field as it grows