Weather with you

Dreaming of blue skies
Long days lazy brew
Wandering eyes and steps
Mine beat, yours rhythm

Every story lingers
Over place spoken
An apparition
Curb, water view, spire

Waiting for intoxication
To fade so to take leave
Back to families
True stories entwined

Seen to be believed
Looks exchanged
Plastered smiles
Parting my clouds

Until next time
Pirates Bay, Tasman Peninsula


Dreams line the highway
Of my life
Home as wife

Like shooting stars
Exploding into fireworks
Then fade into dust
Raining on rooftops

Steadfast are flowers
Growing in cracks
Gutters and sidewalks
As constant as the sun

Life abounds on edge
I sit poised waiting
Open doors saving
Sight for sore eyes
Oatlands, Tasmania

Night blind

Storms hover
Laden with energy
As tarry black
Night sky pours out
Longing freezes over
Bursts of Spring
Barely taken hold
Tender shoots
Yearning to flower
Waking dawn
Her face shines over
Melting at the sight
Crying streams
Down to river
Harshness softened
Bud revived
To bloom and grow
To thrive
Kunanyi / Mt Wellington


It's hard to hold
Your heart open
When hurt
So many times

Chorus of advisors
Do they see
Gladness and sadness
A two toned coin

Flipped like a dime
Upon our partings
And meetings wondering
If you'll be mine?

Evidence inscrutable
Writing my way
Into your long term
Memory as a melody

Played out into
Our old ages
Something to sing to
On grey inside days

Mine a vinyl record
Its arm revolves
To quiet my soul
'Don't walk away'

Dreaming place

Last night I had
A stranger's dream
Just like the night before
We moved from islands
Through to lovers
I rested on your shore
All the times
We floated freely
Sore each other
Till tides refrain
Storms between
Each hurricane
A woman's name
When really
We are peace
It's the pressure
From all around us
That suspends us
Mid air with pieces
Of our lives
Passing before eyes
One day we meet
In the centre
Marvel at the power
Of nature
Our place in it
Sandy bay