Flower power

Smile like a flower
Absorbing light
Reflecting it back
To me on a cold
Dark night
In my mind's eye
When seeming alone
Listening for thiefs
Breaking in
Stealing my contentment
I think of your smile
My power to generate it
Restores my own
Gives me sure step
Strength to carry on
This morning


Feeling frivolous 
Drowning in many words
I invite her in
To swim in the
Or else
She is too smart
Throw me a life ring
My bubbly personality
Giving me a hangover
Neurodivergent mother
Sweet as a soft drink
Filled with warm air
Drink sparingly


How our thoughts
Clouded by
Morning mist
Pervading sigh

Spilling whiteout
On a love note

Thief steals in
Dormer window
Just to fall
Two flights below

Invitation lost
Or expired last week
All refusals feared
Turning other cheek

Tell her everything
Never to her face
Conversation light
Lest she leave in haste

Swimming endlessly
In those two blue pools
Telling everyone
That we're playing cool

Let the eyes caress
That's a subtle tip
Never touch her face
Never kiss her lips

Such a high bar raised
Neck is craned above
Weary heart knows how
Not to be in love

The way you wear your hat

Always the simple things
My silver eye spies
Seeing you always
Makes my heart fly
The way it feels
Sitting next to you
The world spins
The other way
Or so it seems
Standing in the kitchen
The truest feeling
Like fresh baked cake
The way you make
Me feel

Liminal spaces

Perched between barren landscapes 
Far as the eye squints
In the distance
Microscopic life dawns
In open spaces unseen
How we relish the resilience
Of some tiny show
Of leaves stalk reaching
Up for sunlight to ignite
It's open tongued grooves
Into being

Yet we find normalised eugenics
Those who exist between the lines
Of normativity collectivism
Turned aside by one
Derided by two
Abandoned by three
Many mouths to feed
Better defend protect
Turn inside out
Than let another
Take the mantle
When the woman till
Ten works then sleeps
A superior breed
To exist in such
Harsh remote conditions
Of isolation
Yet to grace the pages
Of top ten endemic list
For protection
Women and children
Survival of our species