Freedom Flight

Silence descends at the end of another day

Without warning the flashbacks storm

Through my brain

Drawn into a time when I crawled along

On eight pairs of feet

You were the new green shoot

Chlorophyll, my food, curled around me

Eyes flashed cider gum blue

Spring lime green

Autumn fagus yellow in between

You were my seasons while I hid inside

Wrapped up in your goodness

Drank down till I had my fill

Pints of the stuff

Growing green to the gills

Then to withdraw into my cocoon

To become someone you might love

Silk scarves and woven cloths

Interlaced around me

As I rocked back and forth

Remembering golden haze

Of sunshine and drinking you into my pores

Tightly wound, every part of me singing

Agitating, wriggling, then deathly still

Grieving, so near, yet I am bound

Waiting, not patiently, turning inside out

Penultimate moment, a dead eye opens

In the dark

A tear in the fabric of time

My proboscis is out

Feeling tingling into the wind

No more drinking her in

I shake free my wings and navigate

Stigma dripping in nectar

Search me out

I am taken in and dipping

Soaked, drunk on wine

Pushing me beyond my tipping point

Freedom flight

Yet every waking cell in my new-found body

Calls out – who and what made me as I am now

How could I wish for any other plight?

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